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Don Herbert Mr. WizardDon Herbert, famously known as Mr. Wizard, died today at 89.

I still fondly remember waking up in the wee morning to watch his show just before going to school. He made science fun, entertaining, and inspirational.

I was so enamored, I scoured the public library for his books. That way, I could enjoy the wonders of science, even when his show wasn’t on.

I will dearly miss you.


  • Tony

    gravatarJun 13, 2007
    5:39 am

    Mr. Wizard was one of the first shows I watched when our cable system got Nickelodeon back in the middle 80s. I guess it was my educational entertainment to counteract You Can’t Do That On Television.

  • Patricia Moss

    gravatarJun 17, 2007
    3:17 pm

    Our family still makes the chocolate popcorn recipe that we learned from Mr. Wizard during a lesson about the temperature at which liquids boil and how heat changes liquid.

    Thanks, Mr. Wizard, for that lesson and many more. What a great show!

  • Greg

    gravatarAug 17, 2007
    5:35 am

    How do you make the chocolate popcorn that Mr. Wizard showed us?

  • Popcorn popper

    gravatarDec 20, 2008
    6:18 am

    I have it on my website under the sweet recipes section :-)