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walmartOk, I’m currently sitting in front of a Wal-Mart waiting to get that elusive Nintendo Wii. The store opens at 7am and it’s currently about 12:30am. We’ve already tried a 24-hour Wal-Mart in Dixon, California, but got there a few minutes too late. They’d already given out tickets at around 10:20pm. Looks like they weren’t going to release them until 7am anyway (contrary to what someone told us on the phone).

So now we’re back in the Bay Area at another Wal-Mart. There’s four folks ahead of us, which means we’re likely to get one after all. Hopefully, I’ll be one happy interaction designer at 7am. Wish me luck!

Update (Jan 28 7:44am): Just left Wal-Mart with a brand spanking new Wii! This is officially the first game console I’ve bought for myself. The last one I’ve really played was Super Nintendo. To all those hoping to score some Wii action, good luck!

Update (Jan 28 4:18pm): I just woke up! After getting the Wii, I came home and just crashed without even opening the box. Once I’m lucid, I’ll set-up the Wii and figure out how these Wii codes work. Yay!

Special thanks to Jay LLacuna for driving the distance and bringing me along!


  • Larz

    gravatarJan 28, 2007
    2:47 am

    Good luck man, I hope you get it.

  • Robby

    gravatarJan 28, 2007
    6:39 am

    Good luck! If it doesn’t work out, use this link:


    And replace 12345 with your zip code. If you use google homepage, add that. I got a wii using it. Be warned that if it says they’re available and you talk to an employee that says they don’t have any in, it just means they haven’t put them out. I was told they don’t have any (even in the back) but my room mate went an hour after I had left and they had put them out, so he picked one up. :)

    Hopefully you won’t need to use the link though.

  • Sylvain Lemire

    gravatarJan 28, 2007
    7:33 am

    My girlfriend went to a Toys’R’us here in Montreal for some shopping and saw those Wii waiting on the shelves. That was just lucky, because 15 minutes later they were sold out.

  • Chanpory

    gravatarJan 28, 2007
    7:42 am

    Yay! At about 5 minutes before opening, Wal-Mart handed out numbers for the Wii. I was number 5 out about 25. They were out of wiimotes though. :(

    Thanks for you suggestions!

  • Robert

    gravatarJan 28, 2007
    8:13 am

    Glad to hear you got yours. I had to try 5 stores on launch day before I got mines. Wanna trade Wii friend codes?

  • Matt

    gravatarJan 28, 2007
    9:55 am

    Congradulations. I am not a hardcore gamer, but I waited in line on launch day and was able to pick one up. Wii sports is a blast to play with friends. Even if you aren’t into hardcore games you might want to look at picking up Zelda. It is a fairly easy game to learn and is worth it if not just for the beautiful visuals and the story it tells.

    Once you are up and running you should post up your friend code.

  • Ian

    gravatarJan 28, 2007
    1:44 pm

    I feel bad reading these stories, because my wife and I just walked into Walmart, asked if they had them, and were promptly handed a brand-new Wii. I live in a very populated part of South Florida, which makes it all the stranger that we just found one that easily.

    However, while there were Wii’s to be found, apparently now controllers in short supply! Oh well, time to practice my bowling/tennis/golf…

  • Sean

    gravatarJan 28, 2007
    1:58 pm

    Congrats! See you at the Mii parade!

  • Philip

    gravatarJan 28, 2007
    2:57 pm

    yeah the wii is cool… thankfully my friends are more obsessed with the wii and did all the waiting and i get to do all the playing >:)

  • Austin

    gravatarJan 29, 2007
    6:17 am

    “Once I’m lucid, I’ll set-up the Wii and figure out how these Wii codes work.”

    Codes, what codes? I missed out on something here.

  • Brian

    gravatarJan 29, 2007
    9:45 am

    got mine a couple weeks ago. A local Target just got a random shipment, so my friend scored one for me. still having a hard time getting remotes, but I just ordered them through a friend who owns a gaming center. score. I also got “need for speed:carbon” it’s pretty cool, but i can’t wait to get excite truck in a couple days.

  • Chanpory

    gravatarJan 29, 2007
    7:52 pm

    Hey Austin. Wii codes allow you to network with other people who have Wii’s. You can exchange Mii’s for example. Find your Wii code, in your Address Book in the Wii Message Board.

  • Troyboy

    gravatarFeb 11, 2007
    6:24 am

    So?!?!? What are your thoughts on the Wii? Im very curious to hear. And what’s your friend code?

  • Jon

    gravatarFeb 13, 2007
    5:57 am

    yes, yes, what do you think of it!? esp. from an interactive designer’s p.o.v!

  • Chanpory

    gravatarFeb 23, 2007
    9:59 am

    Boy, I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to even play with as much as I would like. My impressions so far is that the interface of the system is quite well done. There are some inconsistencies in how the navigation works, but overall the system is simple and easy-to-use.

    Wii Sports is really fun, especially Tennis and Bowling, but I wish it had more control and was a bit more robust in game play. Right now, it feels more like a demo than a real game.

    The lack of good game titles is disappointing, but that will change soon. I can’t wait for a Rafael Nadal Tennis and Super Mario Galaxy!