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Nothing causes me more dread than having to call a customer service number. We’ve all been there. Something goes awry with a credit card account, phone bill, or exclusive macramé membership, and the only action left is to call a number for help. gethumanSadly, help usually comes in the form of confusing phone menus, redirections, and Musak. True, some recorded voices are becoming friendlier and more human-like, but it still ain’t the real thang. So how do I avoid wasting time in phone limbo?

The answer is with gethuman, a site that lists customer service numbers and shortcuts for reaching a live flesh-and-blood person for almost 400 companies. With gethuman, the wait is finally over.

Click here to visit the gethuman database.


  • Marcin

    gravatarAug 30, 2006
    7:49 pm

    You should try http://www.nophonetrees.com. It’s similar idea. However their idea is to call you when operator from selected company waits for you on the line!

  • teteJeste

    gravatarDec 19, 2008
    5:05 pm

    good resourse Anyway by sight very much it is pleasant to me