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Ever had to rename a bunch of files one by one? It’s tedious, time-draining, and soul-sucking. Next time, use Renamer4Mac.

This powerful utility lets you rename any number of files or folders at once. Features include all sorts of naming voodoo: search & replace, insert & overwrite, enumeration, and capitalization. Advanced geeks can rejoice, because it also supports regular expressions. All this and an elegant live filename preview of make this freeware app a necessity in every designer’s arsenal.

Windows users, I haven’t forgotten you. Check out Rename-It!


  • Marc

    gravatarAug 16, 2007
    8:08 am

    Good topic. Also, Linux users may want to know about apps like Krename or pyRenamer.



  • Aaron Bassett

    gravatarAug 16, 2007
    8:39 am

    I’m a bit hardcore/old school when it comes to these kinds of things.

    I still prefer to write a quick script in php which I can run locally to batch rename, and with the likes of the GD library I can also deal with image resizing etc.

  • James Dasher

    gravatarAug 16, 2007
    8:41 am

    Another one for windows users, that I have been using and found to be excellent and very powerful is PFrank: http://www3.telus.net/pfrank/

  • pixel

    gravatarAug 16, 2007
    11:50 am

    In such cases I simply use Automator, which is shipped with Mac OS X Tiger :) Simply drag “Rename Finder Items” to your workspace, and you’re ready to go. If you’ll google, you’ll find Automator extension, that adds regular expression support.

  • Jason

    gravatarAug 16, 2007
    12:28 pm

    This is exactly what I was looking for last week, and the ability to live preview is without a doubt the piece that takes this way beyond automator and home-brewed scripts.


  • spike

    gravatarAug 16, 2007
    12:40 pm

    Will have to check this out. For better or for worse I like to edit music file names and id3 tags by hand. Having to edit file names of entire albums to my own personal preference can be very tedious though.

  • Chanpory

    gravatarAug 17, 2007
    9:11 am

    @Marc and James, Thanks for pointing out some other options!

  • Abe Serrano

    gravatarAug 21, 2007
    4:26 pm

    When I first came across this I thought it was nice to know about, but never thought I would use it. Turns out I have thousands of files to rename this week. Thanks for saving me several hours of frustration.

  • ney frota

    gravatarAug 23, 2007
    9:42 pm

    (win) select many files, hit F2, write a name, press enter! All selected files will get the name and a sequence number. perfect to rename just downloaded fotos. (i what that on my ubuntu too ):

  • Anonymous

    gravatarSep 16, 2007
    11:28 pm

    There’s also R-Name for Mac.

  • Steven Clapham

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    12:42 am

    For Windows Users you can try Quick File Rename, it’s pretty good!