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Organized rewards cardsIs your wallet overstuffed with rewards cards? To slim down your wallet and keep those cards organized, check out this fantabulous tip from LifeClever reader, Michael Willits:

Most of us carry around a few of those plastic rewards cards from airlines, grocery stores, movie rental shops, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. However, keeping more than three or four organized and accessible can be a nightmare, especially if you have more than a few (we have over 30!). Eventually, we had so many, it became impossible to fit them in our wallets. We’d often get to the store, only to realize we’d left the proper card at home.

While out shopping, I picked up three of those small carabiner-like key ring clips. Next, I used a 1-hole punch to punch a hole in the top or bottom corner of each card (being careful not to put a hole through the mag-stripe or numbers). I then put all the travel related cards on one clip, and all the grocery, movie rental, and miscellaneous cards on a second clip.

We hang them next to our keys by the door, so whenever we know we’re going shopping or need to book travel, our cards are accessible and organized.

I recently downsized my wallet to a single-pocket cardholder, so Michael’s tip couldn’t come at a better time. Thanks for sending this to me, Michael!


  • Kat

    gravatarFeb 5, 2007
    12:25 pm

    Funny coincidence! I just moved all those mini keyring cards to a separate keyring, because I was tired of it cluttering up my keychain of actual keys.

  • SR

    gravatarFeb 5, 2007
    2:24 pm

    Most stores offering rewards cards in my area, also allow you to give your phone number if you don’t have you card with you.

  • Natasha

    gravatarFeb 5, 2007
    3:40 pm

    I just took a piece of cardstock and cut it down to 3″x2.5″ and wrote down all the member numbers on it, which fits in my wallet and any place can just type it in manually as if the card were unscannable. SR is right too, you can usu. just give a phone number, and most places don’t do anything bad w/ the number, as they don’t even take the area code, it’s just for reference.

  • Craig

    gravatarFeb 6, 2007
    9:51 am

    Why carry the cards at all when you can replace eight cards with a laminated piece of paper? http://www.justoneclubcard.com lets you enter up to eight club card numbers for those cards with barcodes and will generate a single, double-sided card to print out and laminate. You can select from a list of stores or switch to advanced mode if the store you want isn’t on the list and select barcode types (a few minutes with Google will help you determine what barcode type the card is using).

  • Ben

    gravatarFeb 6, 2007
    1:29 pm

    The little ones can be taped together with clear tape. Three toghether then some extra space lets you start an endless string the hight and width of a regular credit card.

  • Chanpory

    gravatarFeb 7, 2007
    9:03 pm

    Craig, thanks for the justoneclubcard link. I’ve thought about photocopying and cutting out the barcodes manually, but this is much more handy!

  • Amie

    gravatarFeb 9, 2007
    4:14 pm

    For years I have used a coupon-type organizer for these cards. I use one slot for rewards cards, one for punch cards, one for gift cards and store credits, one for store coupons (not grocery coupons, there are too many). and one for membership cards (library, video, etc.). Then I throw the whole thing in my glove box because my car is always where I am. When I need it I grab it. This lets me do spur-of-the-moment things if I find myself in the neighborhood with a few moments to spare. If for some reason I am in someone else’s car, and I know I’ll need that stuff, I just grab the organizer before I leave.

  • Philip

    gravatarFeb 11, 2007
    2:08 am

    or just use your phone number when checking out. works for most, if not all, stores.

    also, do not try this with your credit card ;-)

  • Red5

    gravatarJan 22, 2008
    6:53 am

    Here’s an even more radical tip: get rid of the darn things. If you do the research, you’ll see the the return on your invested time in managing, collecting, supporting and tracking these things is next to nil. Is a free movie rental after years of Air Miles collection really worth the hassle? I think not

  • charlie

    gravatarJan 24, 2008
    1:48 pm

    i agree with red, but if you want to get rid of them, we need a system, where we can keep track of all that stuff. in addition, we also need to keep track of our gift cards. those suck too. I mean, you have them, you forget you have them, and then they expire or someone steals them and your money. I recently heard about this site, that manages all your rewards points, such as miles and hotel point etc, and your gift card (www.leveragecard.com) . i hear they give you interest on the cards. its good solution, instead of getting rid of them all.

  • Slimslimmy Wallet

    gravatarMar 14, 2008
    3:30 am

    I think we shoul use the suitable wallet

  • Elizabeth

    gravatarJun 27, 2010
    1:19 pm

    I found a site thaon one credit ct puts all of your bonus cards ard size of plastic, unfortunately,I cannot remember the site. Cananyone help? Thanks, Elizabeth