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Dress like a Mac

I love Apple’s latest television ads in which Justin Long is the cool and casual personification of the Mac. His look can easily be summarized as:

  • Smart, but approachable
  • Informal and casual but not slovenly
  • A simple color palette of cool blues and greys
  • Minimal, with no visible logos or slogans

If you want to truly show your devotion (obsession) to your beloved Macintosh, here’s how and where to get the look:

The basic outfit

Justin most often wears an unassuming outfit that consists of a solid colored hoodie, plain t-shirt, slightly-distressed jeans, and simple slip-on shoes:

  1. Zip Front Navy Hoodie
    BDG at Urban Outfitters

  2. Jersey Slate T-Shirt
    American Apparel

  3. Distressed Blue Jeans
    Levi’s at Urban Outfitters

  4. Classic Blue Slip-on Shoes
    Vans at Hot Topic


T-Shirt Colors

T-Shirt variations

Shirts & Sweaters

Shirt variations


Shoe variations

Tips to complete the look

To finish your Mac makeover, there’s a few more things to do:

  • Stand with your hands in your pockets a lot, but keep the thumbs out

  • Avoid jewelry and extra decoration. Minimal and simple is the Apple way

  • If you’re a guy, facial hair is okay, but keep it trimmed and neat

  • Paint your walls white

  • Smirk


I apologize, I don’t know a whole lot about women’s clothing, and it seems like Apple doesn’t either. Any suggestions?

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  • markus

    gravatarSep 7, 2006
    6:24 am

    great post! i’m new to your blog, but i love it… ;)

  • daniel

    gravatarSep 7, 2006
    6:59 am

    i just stumbled on this site and it creeped me out–i’m dressed almost exactly like that!

  • Joel

    gravatarSep 7, 2006
    7:21 am

    Well, it finally happens. Hackers have become sufficiently shallow and materialistic to allow a computer commercial to influence their attire. Hello mainstream fluff.

    I knew Mac users could be real fanboys but at least in 1984 they didn’t go around wearing orange shorts and white tank tops.

  • derya

    gravatarSep 7, 2006
    8:38 am

    haha. great post! boys who dress like macs will get more girls for sure!

  • Michael Markman

    gravatarSep 7, 2006
    10:55 am

    Great, as far as it goes, Chanpory. But what I’m shopping for are the devil and angel suits worn by John Hodgman. Can you help me?

  • Mark

    gravatarSep 7, 2006
    12:39 pm


  • oskar

    gravatarSep 7, 2006
    12:49 pm

    God damn. You get a 1gb nano and about 10$ back for that money. Dress nakedand and buy cool stuff to cover your body with insted. Tip of the day, yay!

  • Alex

    gravatarSep 7, 2006
    3:17 pm

    Oi, curmudgeons! I have to admit that I find Justin Long strangely attractive, so be quiet and let me ogle some pictures of him without launching into that ‘decline of hacker culture’ stuff. And the outfit’s pretty sweet.

    Ah, Justin…

  • jojo

    gravatarSep 7, 2006
    3:54 pm

    This is some bull.

  • happy

    gravatarSep 7, 2006
    4:19 pm

    ooh! hes definalty the best dressed mac around!

  • Tony Eberly

    gravatarSep 7, 2006
    4:41 pm

    Hahaha, Alot of digg users are BITTER they’re being psychoanalyzed. This is great.

    This fits the mac teen culture trend pretty well. Your basic smug teen dress right there. Haha.

  • Robbie

    gravatarSep 7, 2006
    6:41 pm

    Thanks for the tip. I could use a new pair of shoes…

  • Dan

    gravatarSep 7, 2006
    7:05 pm

    Actually, “that new digital camera from Japan” was played by a rather cute girl, and I seem to recall she was fashionably dressed.

  • Sheri

    gravatarSep 7, 2006
    10:17 pm

    Love it. I have a pair of black slip-ons like that. I got them a couple of years ago from Lands’ End. I don’t think I have yet seen the digital camera from Japan.

    You don’t need a pair of pliers to set up a Mac. I love plug-and-play.

  • Damien Guard

    gravatarSep 8, 2006
    3:51 am

    Ladies could start with the Ellen Feis look – it’s not far off.

    http://www.ellenfeiss.net/fashion.php has the details.


  • Lawsy

    gravatarSep 8, 2006
    4:40 am

    Great article, must have taken quite a while to research!

  • ChliiTierChnübler

    gravatarSep 8, 2006
    6:47 am

    Lady-like?… hmmm, what’s about “the-new-camera-from-japan”‘s style?

  • Emil

    gravatarSep 8, 2006
    7:02 am

    And the PC outfitte? ;)

  • dreddpiratebob

    gravatarSep 8, 2006
    7:03 am

    hehe nice.

    i’ve been pretty wierded out by how nearly everyone i know dresses exactly the same (just like the macguy), and that includes top level DJs, artists, barstaff everyone!

    it comes to something when streetpunks are the only ones who look like they make an effort… c’mon! Trash your clonewear, put a little effort in ladies and gents. you never know, you might actually get laid ;)

  • Perks

    gravatarSep 8, 2006
    2:29 pm

    Well, I shop at American Apparel, wear battered Levi’s and own at least one pair of slip-on Vans with view to buy some more.

    Oh eck.

  • Gloria

    gravatarSep 8, 2006
    2:33 pm

    I love the outfit idea they def. have the approachable style thing, Though I am surprised they didn’t dress him in more Gap…Aren’t they known as Gapple???

  • Rob

    gravatarSep 8, 2006
    6:56 pm

    It’s just like high school ALL over again.

  • Robert

    gravatarSep 8, 2006
    7:00 pm

    Typical Mac fascists deleting criticism. Why how dare anyone not worship at the alter of Stephen Jobs?

  • Chanpory

    gravatarSep 8, 2006
    7:30 pm

    Robert, we welcome criticism, and have left virtually all unfavorable comments on this site untouched. We will, however, delete hateful comments directed towards groups or persons of a specific race, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, or age. We love all comments, but we ask that all of our readers be respected.

  • Robert

    gravatarSep 8, 2006
    9:22 pm

    How convenient Chanpory.

    My comments were not at all as you describe. Since they were deleted of course you can accuse me unjustly.

    It is you who hates dissent and free speech.

    I expect you to delete this too.

  • Chanpory

    gravatarSep 8, 2006
    11:55 pm

    Sorry, I deleted your comment by mistake as I was weeding out spam late last night. There was one that was outright mean-spirited towards a specific group that happened and I assumed that was the message you were talking about. Here’s your original comment, so everyone can see.

    Robert says: 
    "So Mac users find this guy to be the 
    cool and casual personification of the Mac.
    Sadly that explains everything.
    Mac commercials are for idiots
    as are Macs themselves."

    You’re welcome to comment again.

  • Robbie

    gravatarSep 8, 2006
    11:59 pm

    OK, Robert. Calm down. We’re all adults here. This is simply a thread for those who, if anything, were wondering what was he wearing. Its a classic celebrity thing to ask for. You’ve seen the paparazzi at the award shows. One of their main questions is, “Who are you wearing?”

    Now, since we are all adults, how about you breathe, organize your thoughts and calmly tell us all what you have to say about being provided with basic info as to what Justin Long was wearing in the latest “Get a Mac” advertisements because that is what this thread it about.

  • John V. Keogh

    gravatarSep 9, 2006
    3:55 am

    HOW MUCH for those jeans?

  • funny

    gravatarSep 9, 2006
    8:16 am

    He looked better in that workout outfit in the movie Dodgeball. Go goobers!!!

  • firazen

    gravatarSep 9, 2006
    10:04 am

    ok, i’m going to say that girls going for the mac look would be shopping at the gap, purveyor of classic style in assorted colors. thoughts?

  • Marcus

    gravatarSep 9, 2006
    2:41 pm

    If the ladies wanted to dress like a Mac – I guess the closest thing would be to dress like the Japanese woman in the “network” commercial. {:oP

  • zara

    gravatarSep 9, 2006
    3:02 pm

    I used flame Mac users over on CSMA. But then I realized that they and I dressed very similar. Now I’m feeling sorry for all the vile hatred I spewed on CSMA.


  • Robert

    gravatarSep 9, 2006
    5:51 pm

    I stand by every word I said. The Mac commercials themselves are insulting with the repulsive insufferable depiction of the non-Mac user. As far as the content of what is said I am sorry one has to be and idiot to believe what is said. Outright lies and misrepresentation are standard fare from Mac and only members of the faithful can delude themselves to believe the garbage.

  • Sugar

    gravatarSep 10, 2006
    5:59 am

    Lol, amazing post :)

    I’m waiting anxiously for female Mac outfit proposals! :)

  • Amanda

    gravatarSep 10, 2006
    7:58 am

    Great post! But what about some comparison shopping?

    I’ve looked into the poor PC fellas drab attire and found you can dress him for a bit less then our fashionable Mac guy.

    http://fashionistatv.com/?p=20 has the complete outfit and prices. :)

  • Ian

    gravatarSep 10, 2006
    11:59 pm

    Good lord, I just put the main outfit (as well as several of the variations) together and averaged about half the cost.

    Then again, after my MBP 15″ 2.0 GHz and the rest of the hard-and-software needed to set up my in-house recording studio, my fashion budget is severely limited. I’m surprised I’m not posting this from a Goodwill HotSpot. ;-)

  • Deon Botha

    gravatarSep 11, 2006
    1:57 am

    It’s a casual weekend whatever goes garb. If it’s next to the bed in the morning it’s still fair game. For work add a pressed dress shirt because jeans are good for at least a week being hardy material and you have the average tech IT workday outfit. As for a shave, that seems totally optional at all times barring keeping it looking neat. Successfully goes against the fake it till you make it concept with wearing smart or smart casual at all times. A nice enough look but depends on your personality and goals.

  • Stupid

    gravatarSep 11, 2006
    4:24 am

    What kind of idiot spends $90 (before tax!) on jeans?! What is this, China and Russia?!

  • Neil K

    gravatarSep 11, 2006
    4:26 am

    Just like a Mac… perfectly understated; substance over hype; no need to follow the brand lemmings; and just cool.

    A look that just works.

  • Joe Buck

    gravatarSep 11, 2006
    12:14 pm

    I think that this series of ads has hurt the Mac more than helped it. The Mac guy comes off as smug, obnoxious, and superior. The PC guy actually seems like the nicer person. And while of course Windows is a sea of malware and the Mac commercials are perfectly correct in making that point, the cute digital camera from Japan ad was just stupid. No company in Japan or elsewhere is going to ship a new camera that doesn’t work flawlessly on Windows, as this would kill sales. The TV audience are not idiots.

    Now, the Mac guy does represent the Mac the way Mac users think of themselves, so if the purpose of the ads is just to amuse existing Mac users I suppose that they work.

    Oh, and the Mac guy wears Levis? How old-fashioned.

  • Torley Linden

    gravatarSep 11, 2006
    7:46 pm

    What a nice analysis. I’ve recently gotten into Macs again after what I could call a long hiatus, and through the joy of my MacBook Pro, it’s been really pleasant to watch these commercials… as uncomfortable on some level as they make me, hehe. I suppose that’s because I really like neon colors and I was expecting the Mac guy to have a tie-dye, hippie shirt!

    The PC guy comes off as kind of helpless and sad, I do feel sorry for him and hope he feels better about himself too.

    But if these commercials are designed to elicit reaction, they have.

    (FTR, I’m mostly platform-agnostic!)

  • Ian

    gravatarSep 12, 2006
    1:27 am

    If we’re judging systems based on the flamboyancy of wardrobe, we absolutely do know, however, who will be playing the “All Bells ‘n Whistles” new Mac Pro…

    “Hi, I’m a Mac Pro. Arrgh.”

  • Fatamari

    gravatarSep 14, 2006
    1:34 am

    I’d like to see the breakdown for the new Apple ad where Justin Long (the Mac guy) is wearing a suit. What’s the Mac Guy’s preferred label for suits? What is the cool kid suit brand? See Nick Starr’s photos at http://flickr.com/photos/nickstarr/232921148/in/set-72157594266802285/

  • Oliver

    gravatarSep 14, 2006
    1:10 pm

    Come on, these are JUST ADS! They are funny the way they tell their story, nothing more. Who takes over the personification of the two guys and transfers it on the software (and hardware) of Apple or Microsoft, shouldn’t be allowed to own and spend so much money for these systems ;)

    btw, this comment written on a Windows Notebook with an iPod attached for recharging.

  • JC

    gravatarSep 16, 2006
    1:00 am

    And Mac-people are supposed to be creative and unique? Hmmm.

  • asdfas

    gravatarSep 17, 2006
    1:02 pm

    • Act smug and supercilious.
    • Spend $1000 too much on every computer you ever buy.
    • Think Steve Jobs invented UNIX.
    • Spend hundreds on an outfit that makes you look like a dumpster diver.
  • TheBiblioholic

    gravatarSep 17, 2006
    1:27 pm

    $90 for the jeans??? What’s wrong with the $30 Levi’s?

  • Robb

    gravatarSep 17, 2006
    2:18 pm

    Yeah, I agree they should have made the PC guy the swarmy, full-of-it, know-it-all – you know you’re typical IT department Nazi – who tells you they don’t support Macs.

    Say what you will about PCS and compatibility – but every digicam I have touched recently from Japan that captures movies records those movies to flash memory in the Quicktime format – which is Apple’s multimedia format, not Microsofts.

    And in 20+ years of computing I have never had to install anti-virus software or worry about adware or . . . or other such nonsense – but then again I don’t use PCs.

    Now, I like this guys clothes but I can’t can’t get over the fact that they miscast the characters of these videos. Dress the creative-type middle age fat guy (like me) in thse trendy wanna be clothes and let the skinny twerp represent the forces of darkness.

    Kids already know how cool Apple is – they already have an iPod . . . . or two.

  • Jason Aldous

    gravatarSep 17, 2006
    4:15 pm

    I just converted to Mac. I got sick of Windows really screwing with my video files, and the inability to edit video on Linux.

    I still use my dual boot system – windows for Games, Linux for GIMP/Cinepaint and Buzz.

    But as far as video editing goes, only the Mac has worked.

  • Simon

    gravatarSep 17, 2006
    8:16 pm

    The above is indeed the way to dress if you want to ‘get the Mac look’ — if you’re male. For females, however, I recommend a slightly different tactic: emulating Macbooks. Something all white or all black, skintight, and shiny. Since glass and transparent plastic are both notoriously inflexible, I recommend glossy leather for that authentic “Apple-like” look. Possibly with a section in the shape of the Apple logo cut out from the midriff.

  • Elsa

    gravatarSep 17, 2006
    11:33 pm

    Hilarious. Found you through Lifehacker; will be back.

    This is particularly funny for me as I’ve just had a run in with someone who happens to be a major mac enthusiast (and tech consultant) whose wardrobe consisted only of the items you have mentioned in this post. Seriously.

    Well done! Come visit me sometime!

  • Cheesm

    gravatarSep 18, 2006
    3:37 am

    Presumably once you start dressing like a Mac you are only allowed to go out with a small percentage of your former friends, and must cite compatibility issues with the rest?

    And I’m glad they picked Justin Long, white, middle class, fairly wealthy.

    PC’s on the other hand, are much more… how should I put this… PC? They come in all colours, shapes and sizes, and yeah, there’s some unholy s**t that comes with them, but hey! Let he who is without bugs cast the first floppy.

  • frank patrick

    gravatarSep 18, 2006
    5:35 am

    Assuming there’s a button on the jeans, the jersey long sleeve leisure shirt deviates from the 1-button tradition of the Mac.

  • luna

    gravatarSep 18, 2006
    3:12 pm

    I’m seeing this as a subtle but great halloween costume.

  • ShakesHeadAndSighs

    gravatarSep 18, 2006
    10:52 pm

    have you ever watched an infinity commercial?

    obviously, if you are getting frazzled by the mac/pc “debate” then you haven’t. the cars are nice but at the very least playboy managed to sell concept with tits and ass, like the song says.

    it’s called “high concept” and i think everyone in the room should be used to it by now. if you are able to rip a CD, use bittorrent or run faster than the best buy security guard then you should own up.

    who is so insecure that a commercial can so deleteriously affect one’s self esteem?

    i love me some brand identification, but come on!

    be a big boy/girl/indeterminate-and-or-undefinable-sexual-being!

    here is some advice:

    shut up and use your computers!

    i’m only trying to help, dave.

    (the last tiny bit is from an old mac commercial, jic.)

  • geoff

    gravatarSep 18, 2006
    11:40 pm

    This is so funny… and unnerving. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but that’s me almost to a tee. Its not really a social thing… I think they just sort of captured the sensibility of my demographic. Its weird looking at this in terms of a style, because (for me anyway) its really an anti-style: 1) Yeah, muted colors, no logos. I am not a billboard or a neon sign. 2) Clothes must be comfortably well fitting. If I wanted to wear a tent, I would. Lots of stuff from American Apparel- its well-made, they don’t do size inflation, and its sweatshop free. 3) Levi’s – definitely. But NOT the $90 ones. Levi’s are classics, and last forever. Generally, Levi 527s ($20-30), because pants just sit better at the hips, but having the crotch between your ankles looks looks stupid and makes you waddle like a penguin. They make them distressed if that’s your thing. 4. Shoes. Vans and monochrome converse is pretty much right. But not from hot topic. I wouldn’t set foot in there.

    As for the macgirl… oh, I can tell you about her…: Definitely not that girl with the sweatshirt.

    Clean and stylish, but never flashy or overtly sexual. Generally the same basic color palate, except in winter/at night, a colorful scarf. Jewelery: a simple pair of earrings. Maybe a bracelet. No obvious makeup. Hair is clean and brushed but not colored or curled or anything like that. May wear a headband. Skirts to a bit above the knee, shorts, or jeans. Carry’s a nice bag, NOT a purse. Shoes: again, vans or low-top converse, or in spring/summer those little slip-ons. Does not wear heels or flip-flops. Enjoys taking public transit even though she has a car. Likes going to museums, hiking. When she’s drunk, she speaks unintelligible french.

  • John

    gravatarSep 19, 2006
    3:41 pm

    Creepy. Really creepy.

  • Noah (the other one)

    gravatarSep 20, 2006
    5:24 am

    $90 for a pair of Levis?!

  • MacBaby

    gravatarSep 20, 2006
    5:49 pm

    forildo, does anyone know what suit justin long is wearing in the new ad? I like it!

  • Jeff

    gravatarSep 21, 2006
    2:03 pm

    Hoodie, OK, but it’s 93° in Austin on September 21st, and will still be in the high 80°s until Thanksgiving. How cool am I going to look passed out on the sidewalk drenched in sweat?

  • Divya

    gravatarSep 21, 2006
    5:28 pm

    Great tips esp. before halloween…:) What about PC?

  • Christine

    gravatarSep 26, 2006
    8:59 pm

    With the blessings of the guys at LifeClever, I present to you “How To Dress Like a Mac and PC – for women!” Simply go to my blog:


    Now the ladies can get in on the fun! :)

    Thanks Lifeclever!

  • Nabeel

    gravatarSep 29, 2006
    8:16 pm

    these ads only target the young audience .. and the design type people .. for professional and office work type people, these ads are a good motive to stay on with windows.

    Nabeel http://nabeelzeeshan.blogspot.com

  • EvasionOccaision

    gravatarOct 8, 2006
    9:07 pm

    Wait… people actually want to look like a bum? Sorry, even young people should have better fashion sense than this.

    I think I saw this kid with a squeegee cleaning windshields for change downtown.

  • al

    gravatarOct 10, 2006
    4:15 am

    OK, the blue slip on vans do not cost $15, hows $40. err

  • Tera Strauss

    gravatarOct 10, 2006
    4:10 pm

    Can someone post how to dress like a mac in a suit? The new ad is great and I’d like to see an update to this site with the “how to dress like a mac-pro”. Here’s your source to work from: http://movies.apple.com/movies/us/apple/getamac/selfpity_480x376.mov

  • Veronika

    gravatarOct 28, 2006
    10:14 pm

    what the frig is this? Wow…seriously…I want to shoot everyone I know and then turn the gun on myself…did I forget to mention it’s a sawn-off double barrelled shotgun? Yeah…well…DIE!

  • Cujo

    gravatarJan 19, 2007
    8:20 am

    I’m with a couple of the other commenters: That’s a lot of money to spend to look like a slob. Looks a lot like the stuff Neo wore in first third or so of The Matrix. I can (and do) look like a slob for far less money.

  • fPz

    gravatarJan 31, 2007
    5:54 pm

    If you don’t care about image, wear that. That set of clothes has no image and has been worn since the early 1990s. Nothing clothes. Nice, but say absolutely nothing about you, and even more worrying if you think that they do.

    Don’t wear it if you want to ‘be’ something as it has nothing.

    Primark or suchlike could do me that outfit for about £25.00, made in the same thai sweatshops as their more expensive counterparts.

  • aardvaark lover

    gravatarFeb 6, 2007
    1:12 am

    “I knew Mac users could be real fanboys but at least in 1984 they didn’t go around wearing orange shorts and white tank tops.”

    I did…

  • Nat

    gravatarMar 21, 2007
    10:09 pm

    …You could always just pick your own clothes and not try to emulate some loser on an ad.

  • Mac vs PC

    gravatarApr 24, 2007
    10:52 pm

    Maybe a loser, maybe not, one things for sure, he makes more money than anyone posting on this page…

  • Michael

    gravatarMay 9, 2007
    7:45 am

    Wait wait! What underwear should I wear? Please tell me. Is it Mac to go commando? I want to be exactly like Mac. I don’t want’t to be an outcast.

    Is there anything else I can stick on my car or desk at work? Is IBM still evil even just a little bit?

    Should I hate the charitable causes Bill Gates supports or just dismiss his work as a PR stunt? Cause that’s getting a lot harder to do.

  • Powder

    gravatarJun 14, 2007
    11:34 pm


    Ease up. You might live longer. Enjoy the post for what it is.

    I must be an idiot. After 20 years of PCs I bought a 24″ iMac.

    Whats funny is that it connects to the network printer on my router (802.11G) without any problems. I have yet to figure out how to retain a wireless connection to the network printer with my PC.

    Mac 1 – PC 0

  • woman

    gravatarJun 16, 2007
    6:35 pm

    that’s why i don’t use mac. “he” doesn’t know anything about women.

  • Reno

    gravatarJul 19, 2007
    11:30 pm

    The same $89 jeans at Urban Outfitters are often on sale at Sears for $29. A zip-up hoodie (when exactly did “hooded sweatshirts” become “hoodies” anyway?) can be found at Target for about $12, as well as fake Vans that are probably closer to $15 than the real ones. Grey t-shirts, same…they come in packs of 3 for $7 or so.

    In any case, this Mac v. pc war is silly. If this was “How to dress like the Geico cavemen.” nobody would be arguing over whether Progressive or State Farm were better than Geico.

  • Skye

    gravatarJul 27, 2007
    7:49 pm

    “Hooded Sweatshirts” have been “hoodies” since I was in 7th grade (I’m a Senior now). And as far as the clothes go, why do they have to be Levis? You can get some off brand jeans that look exactly the same for $25. Zip-up hoodies? Those can be found for $15-$20 easy. Grey t-shirt, yep, 3 pac for $7, and the shoes… not sure, don’t own any slip on Vans (or any shoes that cost less that $30)

    This is silly… but kinda fun.

  • Michelle

    gravatarAug 21, 2007
    9:21 pm

    Who cares what he wears, Justin Long is hot. If he wore a suit, or even a dress, he would still make me want to buy a Mac. Well I already have one, but you know what I mean.

  • Paul Mason

    gravatarAug 21, 2007
    10:37 pm

    Anybody know the brand of black turtleneck sweater Steve Jobs wears for his presentations? My son is a Mac Worshipper and I would love to get him one for his upcoming 18th.

  • shredder

    gravatarAug 23, 2007
    2:33 pm

    Since when is $90 expensive for jeans?

  • Vincent

    gravatarAug 26, 2007
    5:49 pm

    Who knows this might work enof to get me laid.

  • Double E

    gravatarSep 1, 2007
    10:39 pm

    The right thing to wear to be a real mac is a black sweatshirt and jeans. I like this though.

  • Digicam Stores

    gravatarSep 24, 2007
    9:22 am

    Just happened upon this blog…Why would women need their own look?! I dress pretty much like the guy in ad!

  • Paull

    gravatarDec 13, 2007
    6:31 am

    If you would not like to follow the flock, but would rather compensate for Apples evironment unfriendly productionmethods (see http://www.greenmyapple.org ) and sweatshop labormethods, consider these sneakers: http://www.adbusters.org/metas/corpo/blackspotshoes/index.php

    Be an active participant in shaping the social enterprises of the future!

  • mac girl

    gravatarJan 23, 2008
    1:56 pm

    Wow… that I’ve been search for long time,since am using macbook & imac for near 2 years!! I love to be part of Mac-family ! Mac dress is right for ladies, i have some similar dress ! Remember, Mac dress like unisex dress !!!

  • Corran

    gravatarJan 24, 2008
    11:14 pm

    I would like to comment quickly on one line of text in the discription:

    Avoid jewelry and extra decoration. Minimal and simple is the Apple way

    Something about Apple computers just doesn’t scream “minimal and simple” to me. Alright, simple to use, yes. Mnimal? I don’t think so. Short of alienware you will find no flashier computers (and personal modifications, of cource).

    Still, the rest of it hit the nail right on the head.

  • Mark Harrison

    gravatarFeb 21, 2008
    4:11 am

    You know, those commercials stopped me buying a Mac for a long time.

    I happen to NEED to do spreadsheets and business stuff, because, well, I run my own business… and I was left with the impression that Macs weren’t really for that.

    Fortunately, about 2 weeks ago, I got a little Mac Mini because it was in stock there and then the day I needed a computer (a hard disk had died.)

    Actually, I’m finding the Apple experience far better than the Windows one… but the thing I find amazing is the Apple FanBoy claims that “It’s as cheap as PC.”

    No, it isn’t. Macs are more expensive, but that’s OK because they’re better….

    HOWEVER, I could have bought 2 Windows machines, or three Ubuntu ones for the what I ended up paying for my Mac Mini.

    Oh, and I am a convert – my next laptop will be a MacBook…

  • AJ

    gravatarMar 17, 2008
    11:10 pm

    This is sad dont you have better things to do with your time? get a 8-core macpro just like me and ill take down in quake 4

  • SJJ

    gravatarMar 26, 2008
    8:09 am

    What Justin Long wears in the Mac ad is OK, but I probably wouldn’t wear it–and I’m a senior in high school. First, I don’t like the shoes at all. I would go somewhere else for the Levi’s ($90, are you KIDDING?!) the shirt and hoodie are OK if you don’t feel too great that day.

    There’s not enough color. It’s really drab. BUT, I prefer the Mac–a friend convinced me to try one again after the nightmares I had in middle school with them. I find them to be much better (this old PowerBook is even better). But I’ll be buying my first Mac this summer (a MBP) for college. Yeah, I’ll need a few Windows-only programs, but now that Macs run both (even 3D thru Parallels now), I’ll stick with the,

  • Purse Lover

    gravatarMar 26, 2008
    7:38 pm

    Found this while surfing, and I’m intrigued by the “casual but not slovenly” description for the Mac guy. Actually, his outfit strikes me as rather expensive, all things considered, but I suppose it could be more costly. And I tend to be more of a windows person…

  • design fashion fan

    gravatarMay 1, 2008
    11:22 pm

    Have not actually seen the original ad but looks like the current ads aren’t straying too far away from the same look. It is casual and unassuming in a cool way, but as with all things Mac, not exactly the cheapest look you can have. :)

  • chitiore

    gravatarMay 20, 2008
    7:29 am

    what???? haha!! wow, I’m dressed just like this guy… Mac rocks!!!

  • neo

    gravatarSep 2, 2008
    3:55 pm

    the computer should follow me, not the other way around. The guy above could have bought decent clothes only if he didn’t spend all of his money on mac. haha

  • Mallory

    gravatarSep 21, 2008
    11:18 pm

    I found this blog post via Google, and I must say — I’m amusedly impressed! ((Actually, I’m starting to love the whole of LifeClever, actually … It’s pretty awesome overall!))

    Even though ‘Mac’s fashion sense totally not my style, I’ve always admired it! It’s a bunch of styles combined, really … Crisp, casual, preppy, hipsterish, and kinda indie all at once.

    Very, very fun post. Nice job, LifeClever!

  • trainer

    gravatarOct 23, 2008
    9:07 am

    The last comment says it all

    MAC nerds just dont know anything about women

  • NinjaGrifon

    gravatarDec 28, 2008
    11:33 am

    You must have taken a lot of time to write this… and you must be a genius when it comes to tracking where people’s clothes come from… cool…

    I am going off towards the mac side… The cheapest MacBook is $999…

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  • Anonymous

    gravatarOct 22, 2009
    9:11 am

    If i wanted to dress like a douchbag i would wear one.

  • Bar Bar Bar!

    gravatarNov 4, 2009
    11:12 pm

    gimme a damn break – HELLO STEREOTYPES and ROBOTIC WORLD! Please do not think this is a great post, this is just another thing taking away from your personal freedom and power, taking away your own personal expression and perception of the world around you.

    Get a damn life and stop looking for yourself on the internet and become whatever you feel inside.

  • Sheri

    gravatarFeb 7, 2010
    9:31 am

    But where can we get the clothes they wear in the time traveler version? PC has the brown suit-in-one and Mac has the blue & silver…my son really wants them!

  • massage baby

    gravatarMar 22, 2010
    7:50 pm

    It depends of the color of the skin of an individual what color to wear. However blue,black and white are almost always good.

    Sunny face + black hair gives the greatest number of color combination posible

  • Bags Girl

    gravatarMay 20, 2010
    2:50 pm

    @noah – You have said – $90 for a pair of Levis?!

    I agree with that. Sneakers aren’t the best option in this case and i think that black leather shoes would be much better than these blue ones.

  • TVProducer

    gravatarJul 23, 2010
    11:56 pm

    Fools! The wardrobe is chosen, with great emphasis, placed on what is TELEGENIC. Solids, dark colors, neutrals and simple styles are safe. Other considerations are things like the set/background (i.e. the subject may want to “pop” off the screen so they use colors that contrast with the surroundings — negative space), the target audience (i.e. don’t have Glen Beck in a suit trying to appeal to green hippies wearing hemp), etc.

  • Tish Strohbehn

    gravatarJul 27, 2010
    8:22 pm

    Stumbled on this great article while surfing the internet and by no means found any intriguing write-up like yours. Truly loved the way you wrote this and I just love the dress.