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I’ve recently had two posts published on Merlin Mann’s 43 Folders. The first is a confession and plea about my own laptop addiction. The second is a follow-up post and presents my five favorite tips for divorcing your laptop.

Check them out:

**Laptops: A blessing or a curse?**
“When I got my first laptop, I loved the exhilarating freedom of whipping it out anytime I –”needed– it. No matter where I am, I could work on a project, balance a budget, or play a video game. Years later, despite its –”convenience–, I’m dangerously married to my laptop.”

**How to divorce your laptop**
“If you’re in a soul-sucking marriage with your laptop, you’re not alone. Last week, I confessed the details of an embarrassingly codependent relationship with my laptop. In desperation, I begged you, fellow 43 Folders readers, to share your experiences and tips for breaking up with a laptop. Many of you empathized, offering very useful suggestions.”


  • DamionKutaeff

    gravatarMar 22, 2008
    7:34 pm

    Hello everybody, my name is Damion, and I’m glad to join your conmunity, and wish to assit as far as possible.

  • conchita

    gravatarSep 3, 2008
    6:39 pm

    I have had my macbook now for just over nine months and am totally addicted. I love having it with me all the time and even use it while I watch Tv talk on the phone etc,,,, I can’ t stand to be in a place that does not have wi-fi. I bought this laptop for school but now revolve my life around it….yikes!!!

  • Play Tower Defense

    gravatarJan 16, 2009
    9:52 am

    I’ve got the same confession. I’m just sooo addicted to my laptop. It’s basically my right hand. Never step out of the house without it. I’ve got a big relationship with it

  • Kristi @ Low Book Sales

    gravatarFeb 3, 2009
    8:43 pm

    As all of you , I’m married to the laptop too. I’m with it more than I spend my time with my wife :p Get so many complaints on that too. Anyway the suggestion on 43 folders is really awesome. Thanks for the information.

  • Fluke Ti10 Thermal Imager

    gravatarFeb 14, 2009
    11:57 pm

    Recently my laptop had a breakdown. and it made me realize how close it is to me. I couldn’t live without it. It only took 3days to repair it. But it felt like forever.

  • Outsourcing Software Company

    gravatarMay 28, 2009
    3:53 am

    I’m having the same problem. I can’t live without my laptop. A day without internet is like being stranded on a desert. Watching movies and TV helps me a lot to get it out of my mind.

  • lookup license plate

    gravatarJul 10, 2009
    6:58 pm

    informative site, quick question for you guys. is there any way to stop divorce cases from continuing? its been 3 years, constant delays. thanks.

  • العاب

    gravatarDec 12, 2009
    11:56 am

    I’m the same too, i can’t go to any place without taking my laptop with me, and even when i go to sleep i put it beside me. i think i need to go to a doctor.

  • car games

    gravatarMar 1, 2010
    11:20 pm

    I am also addicted to my laptop i also fill that i need to divorce my laptop sometimes