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Typeface anatomyImagine yourself picking a typeface for your next resumé, book, newsletter, or other text-heavy project. With the dizzying array of typefaces in the world, how do you choose when you simply want one that’s clear and readable? Thankfully, Before & After magazine’s short tutorial, What’s the Right Typeface for Text?, can help you make this often paralyzing choice.

If you’re not a professional designer and don’t know the difference between x-heights and X-men, don’t worry. The guide has loads of pictures and clear explanations, starting with one easy rule of thumb:

For text that’s smooth, clear and readable, the operative is medium.

Without being overly technical, the guide continues by showing what “medium” means to a typeface’s counter, x-height, stroke width variation, and height-to-width ratio. For more, download the free guide here.


  • Arthur Goranga

    gravatarSep 21, 2006
    7:29 am

    In Brazil there’s good guys talking about types.


    They say “Penso logo tipo”, something like: “I think, therefore I type”. A parody with “I think, therefore I am”.

  • oskar

    gravatarSep 21, 2006
    8:14 am

    Great stuff. I have been looking for this kind of information. And its pretty to look at. Keep it up!

  • Nate

    gravatarSep 27, 2006
    9:50 pm

    Good writeup. Do you have any links or articles about choosing typeface for web specifically?

  • Nabeel

    gravatarSep 29, 2006
    8:14 pm

    it’s not just about the type face .. but color also matters .. i usually use font-family verdana, arial and all .. but the key is to have a dark gray color instead of black .. the text looks soo much better (given the site has a white background)

    Nabeel http://nabeelzeeshan.blogspot.com

  • balootisme

    gravatarApr 21, 2008
    6:55 am

    i’d found this post from problogger.net.

    i found your guide is useful.

    thanks anyway.