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Wanna know how much dough designers make? Check out the AIGA Survey of Design Salaries. Results for 2008 are out.

It’s dubbed “definitive,” but take it all with a grain of salt.

You can view the results on their site or download the PDF.


  • Designkai

    gravatarJun 3, 2008
    11:58 pm

    Thanks heaps for this! I had an article in mind a week or so ago which had something to do with this topic but the numbers I had were from memory and I couldn’t find any evidence. I scrapped the post because of this, I don’t feel a reader should be miss-informed by my guesstimated information. Very helpful, thank you.

  • nerouquila

    gravatarJun 8, 2008
    7:24 pm

    Good articles! It help me more understand about my task rite now.

  • Nabeel

    gravatarJun 12, 2008
    9:23 am

    I am a Senior Designer, and I make like $15,000 less than the national average. Dang, i am officially depressed now.

  • Timothy Day

    gravatarMar 5, 2009
    8:47 am

    I am in an interior design class at my high school right now, and when I was asked about designers who are entreprenurs and how much they were paid, I could not respond. Is there a way to determine how much a design gets paid for each job or is it kinda of whatever they choose.

  • losser town

    gravatarMay 14, 2009
    5:16 pm

    like i really wanted to know this to. i know this wont be much help but i am doing a research project for my engish class and it is based on design. i have so many questions and the internet isnt helping me at all. well sorry i could help you with this. i wish i could or i wouldnt be on the computer searching the web. so bye. nttyl

  • naww

    gravatarOct 27, 2009
    8:16 am

    hiiiiiiiii :d i dont caree to be honestt soo goo homeeee !!!!!!

  • Latisha

    gravatarJan 13, 2010
    1:07 pm

    hi, i am a designer and i make over 300,000 dollaas a YEAR! so i would be CRYING IF I WERE YOU HAHA. kthanksbyeeeeeeeee. peace