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  • SheriVan

    gravatarJan 1, 2007
    1:24 pm

    Great tip, Chanpory! I tend to be a get-down-to-business person on the phone as well, although I guess some people prefer to go through the hello-howareyou-iamfine-how’syourfamily, etc. routine. It’s not that I don’t care about the person on the other end of the line/computer network; I just feel like I’m wasting their time. Maybe that’s not the case. But if it’s just a quick note, it is very similar to a text message, and I think it’s great to put it all in the subject line. EOM or END is helpful and saves the recipient the time needed to open a blank message. This is particularly true if the recipient is still using DIAL-UP or has a slow computer. (Not everyone has the latest and greatest technology.)

    As you see, I’m not a terse communicator.