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sportkithackThe Nike + iPod Sport Kit–love child of Apple and Nike–began shipping this week. I’m excited to try out the new toy at the gym, but I prefer not to be a Nike style victim. Podophile has posted a nice little hack to get a Nike + iPod Sport Kit working with the shoe of your choice. All you need to do is attach a strip of velcro to the shoe’s tongue and the back of the transmitter.

Those clever podophiles have even figured out a great, simple way to waterproof the sensor.

The sport kit contains a small plastic (white, naturally) sensor that slips into specific Nike+ shoes, and a receiver that plugs into your iPod. Together they provide and track information about your workout. Slick marketing information about the Sport Kit comes in both Apple and Nike flavors.

Shoe Hacker: Nike+iPod Sport Kit Shoe Mod [Podophile]


  • roanne

    gravatarSep 22, 2006
    8:01 pm

    I’ve seen this already and I agree that it’s a great idea for athletes to grab these sleek pairs, concurrently monitoring their jogging and their playlists. ;)

  • Ipod

    gravatarNov 30, 2006
    8:54 pm

    I have my doubts about these. You think they can really stand up to the abuse?

  • Jordans

    gravatarMay 6, 2008
    12:09 pm

    I actually custom installed it in my new balances. I took my insole out and stratched a lil hole to put it in :) works like a charm!