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I love living in San Francisco, but despite the laid back quality, it’s certainly not free of rudeness. Fortunately, there’s help. New York Magazine’s The Urban Etiquette Guide is a manual of manners for the city dweller who doesn’t quite fit into Miss Manners’ target demographic. It has modern guidelines for topics such as love, sex, dining, family, and working. It even has a section on iPod etiquette.

Some dilemmas answered include:

  • Who picks up the bill on a same-sex date?
  • What to do after a one-night stand?
  • Where can and can’t you answer a cellphone?
  • When does an e-mail exchange end?
  • Is it ever acceptable to talk to a stranger on an elevator?
Read New York Magazine’s The Urban Etiquette Guide


  • Diesel

    gravatarJul 11, 2006
    4:44 pm

    What a hoot!

  • Burnsie

    gravatarFeb 20, 2008
    2:37 pm

    Now that is interesting. Things sure change as technology and lifestyles become more acceptable. Of course, who knew that there was email proper protocal and actually, whoever picks up the check on a same sex date is most likely the one that asked the other out. As far as a one night stand…well, maybe that is all it was meant to be. Lets hope that if people learn to communicate, we can worry less if we offend or did something wrong