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Photoshop Notes toolAfter slaving away creating beautiful design comps or prototypes in Photoshop, you’ll most likely have to show them to a client, colleague, or creative director to get feedback. Often, this process generates some confusion as emails and verbal exchanges go back and forth. To reduce uncertainty and mix-ups, use Photoshop’s Notes tool to place comments and suggested edits directly in the file.

This often ignored feature works much like Adobe Acrobat’s comment tool, allowing you and others to post virtual sticky notes on the document itself. By default, the Notes tool is located in the tool palette, second from the bottom and on the left side. It has several advantages:

  1. Feedback and design comp always travel together in the same file, so comments don’t get lost or mixed up.

  2. Since you see annotations directly on a design comp or prototype, you’ll know exactly where the change is referring too.

The Notes tool also comes in handy when a creative director is sitting next to you and looking over your work. Instead of making the changes while he or she directs you, use the Notes tool to quickly capture the feedback. This creates firm agreement on the changes, and it saves the creative director from having to stand over your shoulder as you work. Once you capture the feedback, you can make the changes, closing off each note as you complete an edit.


  • Steven Bao

    gravatarOct 16, 2006
    12:13 pm

    This is only useful if the client also has Photoshop, or if you are taking notes to yourself, correct? Thanks for the tip.

  • Chanpory

    gravatarOct 16, 2006
    12:21 pm


    Yes, this is only useful if your client or colleague also has Photoshop. This makes Photoshop Notes more useful internally within a design or production studio than it is with clients.

    The alternative is to save the image itself in PDF format. I also often place design comps in a larger PDF presentation for clients, so that clients can comment on it.

  • Arthur Goranga

    gravatarOct 17, 2006
    12:27 pm


    PDF saves my day too.

  • shekhar

    gravatarOct 1, 2008
    5:55 am

    self study of photoshop how are possible plz expalne me