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TrezrWhat do you get when you mix bargain hunting with a Digg-style voting system and a cute Web 2.0 design? You get Trezr, a brand spanking new entry into the ever-growing crowd of niche social-bookmarking sites. Trezr’s founder, Artia Moghbel, has essentially expanded on the concept of Digg to create a system with a real and tangible benefit: saving you money. Here’s how he describes it:

Trezr (pronounced “treasure”) collects links posted by our users to the best sale and discounted items from around the web each day‖cool stuff like designer shoes, travel deals, digital cameras, cashmere sweaters, etc. In addition, we have a section for posting coupon codes, and another exclusively for posting articles about tips for saving money. All of these submissions are voted on by our users, resulting in a “trezr chest” full of the best finds on the web. And unlike other deal sites out there, our users tend not to focus on tech products, but instead have more of a bent toward fashion/lifestyle deals.

If you’re a fiend for bargains, but can’t stand those nasty looking coupon sites (you know the ones), this is your dream come true. I’m already in love with the site after finding an announcement for free ice cream at Coldstone on the front page.

Thanks for sending this our way, Artia!

Update (Oct. 3): The design for Trezr was done by ElectricPulp.


  • Rosano Coutinho

    gravatarSep 20, 2006
    9:23 am

    I’ve been looking for something like this for quite some time. Unfortunately, the lack of coupons makes a simple Google search much more valuable.

  • Chanpory

    gravatarSep 20, 2006
    9:31 am

    Rosano, thanks for commenting! Trezr actually hasn’t officially announced the site to the world, so what we got is a pre-launch sneak peek for bloggers and their readers. I expect it will gain in popularity very soon, which means more deals!

  • Colleen

    gravatarSep 20, 2006
    1:40 pm

    They seem to get their point across really well, great idea and a great job.

  • Will Johnson

    gravatarDec 27, 2007
    1:30 am

    Trezr looks pretty sweet, but their popularity has seemed to die down after the initial buzz generated from being on TechCrunch, Digg, etc.

  • Cal Bolton

    gravatarAug 7, 2008
    12:59 pm

    You need to come and see what Grandma has to say if you are interested in saving money and/or pinching pennies. 100’s of ideas on over 80 pages.