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MacHeistMacHeist is bundling 10 award-winning Mac Apps for a fantastic price of $49. To get into the season, 25% of the sale goes to a charity of your choice. The bundle includes:

  1. Delicious Library
  2. FotoMagico
  3. ShapeShifter
  4. Devonthink Personal
  5. Disco
  6. RapidWeaver
  7. iClip 4
  8. One game by Pangea
  9. NewsFire (unlocked when $50k charity is raised)
  10. TextMate (unlocked when $50k $100k charity is raised)

Buying all applications separately will cost you $288.75. With MacHeist’s bundle, you’ll save about $240.

Besides being one of the best software deals in ages, this bundle is a good example of how independent developers can band together to offer compelling products in an accessible package.

It’d be great to also see bundles targeted at specific niches. For example, a bundle for productivity-junkies might include Hazel, OmniFocus, and FlexTime. For designers, I’d like to see a package with apps like CSSEdit, OmniGraffle, and GraphicConverter X.

Boy, I love having a Mac.


  • ad

    gravatarDec 12, 2006
    5:40 am

    Textmate will be unlocked @ $100k!

  • Greg

    gravatarDec 12, 2006
    7:35 am

    Yeah, great deal. I’m not buying though, since I own all of the interesting apps already. And there’s no denying the charity part.

    But, there’s a huge discussion going on in the Mac (shareware) community, if MacHeist, MyDreamApp, MacZOT! or anything coming from the vicinity of the one mastermind that is Phill Ryu, is a good thing or not, if the devs actually profit from it.

    read this for more: http://www.gusmueller.com/blog/archives/2006/12/weekoftheindependentmac_developer.html

  • Layne

    gravatarDec 12, 2006
    9:50 pm

    I don’t really buy Gus’s argument. All of the participating developers agreed to the terms. Five thousand dollars and the opportunity to expose your software to thousands of new people is nothing to sneeze at. If people use the software and are pleased, they will upgrade when new versions come out and/or check out a developer’s other offerings. Sure, the Macheist organizers will take the lion’s share of the profit. They put a lot of work into it. It was an original marketing idea, they deserve the reward. And how anyone can complain about MyDreamApp is beyond me. That was a really cool attempt to design software via community input. I will be there with cash in hand when two of the three winning apps are ready.

  • Chanpory

    gravatarDec 13, 2006
    7:55 pm

    I agree with Layne.

    All of the developers who participated in MacHeist did so willingly and knew all the terms of the agreement.

    Even if some of the developers “lose” money on this, it’s a loss leader since they will surely get more exposure and a larger subscriber-base than they would otherwise.

  • Layne

    gravatarDec 13, 2006
    8:01 pm

    There’s a good interview with the developer of Delicious Library on Infinite Loop where he touches on why he felt being included in the bundle is a very positive thing:


  • Greg

    gravatarDec 15, 2006
    12:18 pm

    Textmate just got unlocked @ 70k!

    I understand both sides of the argument. There’s definitely no denying that Phill and his crew have made a huge effort to deliver entertaining and fun events and that they absolutely deserve a little compensation for it. I think Gus’s coming more from a “form follows function” angle, and I agree to a part there.

    Too bad Blossom didn’t make it…

  • Sam

    gravatarDec 18, 2006
    6:23 pm

    Very great deal and of course the charity part… bravo!