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Getting Real37signals’ manifesto and eBook, Getting Real, is now available for free as an HTML site.

The book details 37signals’ rapid prototyping and web-app development process with the goal of showing you “the smarter, faster, easier way to build a successful web application.”

If you’re familiar with the company’s successful web applications, Backpack and Basecamp, the ebook essentially answers the question, “How’d they do that?”

Designers and studios working with new up-and-coming technology firms will also find the book useful for getting a better understanding of the philosophy and working methods being adopted by many “Web 2.0” companies.

PDFs of the eBook are still $19, but the HTML version is absolutely free. Yay!

37signals via Lifehack.org


  • Sarah

    gravatarOct 27, 2006
    11:49 am

    Awesome! Thanks for the tip.

  • Oliver Nielsen

    gravatarOct 30, 2006
    6:46 am

    I originally bought the PDF, and have enjoyed the book. However, I find it intriguing that they can sell so many (15.000+) copies of an E-BOOK, meaning no printing costs, storing, distribution; for $19, which is way more than a slim paperback would sell for at Amazon…

  • Minanu

    gravatarJun 2, 2010
    9:15 am

    I just need the 13’s chapter, a Promotion

    but worth to buy it :))