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del.icio.us pluginDel.icio.us has just announced a major upgrade to its Bookmarks extension for Firefox. The upgrade sports several new features and a much tighter browser integration:

The biggest change is that we now integrate all your bookmarks right in the browser. From the new sidebar you can sort and search your bookmarks instantly, view tag intersections, and even modify your bookmarks. The new toolbar is also great – you can select what tags you want to see in your toolbar, show all the bookmarks with a given tag, and even view your bundles. Of course, livemarks and keywords are both fully supported.

This is sweet, but still a bit disappointing. Yes, the greatly improved browser integration brings much needed convenience. But for true integration with your computing experience, I still recommend using Quicksilver or a system-wide bookmarks plug-in.

The new del.icio.us Firefox extension also won’t support multiple accounts. For that, you’ll need del.icio.us Complete.

What do you use to manage your bookmarks?


  • Michael Willer

    gravatarApr 15, 2007
    5:40 am

    I use Firefox Google plugin. Sync’s my two macs and PC laptop.

    Used del.icio.us before but navigation to a site for my bookmarks didn’t feel right. Second issue for me was sorting the bookmarks.

  • Justin Miller

    gravatarApr 26, 2007
    9:27 am

    I use Pukka for saving to del.icio.us, but that’s probably because I wrote it :-) Please do check it out if you are on a Mac.