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webdev_handbook.jpgOn my way to becoming a web designer, I am constantly searching for techniques, tutorials, and other resources. The Web Developer’s handbook is a hefty database of links on a range of subjects pertinent to web development and design—all on one page.

The list is a bit intimidating at first, but you are sure to find something useful. It covers subjects ranging from daily blogs to technologies like CSS and techniques like AJAX to royalty free photo resources. I’m keeping The Web Developer’s Handbook bookmarked for handy reference.


  • sgazzetti

    gravatarAug 29, 2006
    7:18 am

    Wow! Thanks for linking to this. It’s like 10x the entire hard-won contents of my “Web/Admin” bookmarks folder in one URL. I’m adding it, too. Bravo!

  • Think Wasabi » Blog Archive » WDH: el paraíso del diseñador

    gravatarAug 29, 2006
    7:20 am

    […] Web Developer’s Handbook es algo así como un gran parque temático o una fábrica de chocolote para los diseñadores web y gráficos. Una única página web que reúne una cuidadísima selección de herramientas web, sitios de referencia o inspiración, colecciones de tipogafías, especificaciones HTML, ejemplos y tutoriales, guías de CSS, consejos de usabilidad, galerías y mil cosas más… Tanto si eres profesional como aficionado, este web hay que mandarlo directo a nuestros favoritos, porque se convertirá en un lugar de continua consulta. @ LifeClever Imprimir    Recomendar    Feed de este post    A del.icio.us     A menéame […]

  • Sean

    gravatarAug 29, 2006
    10:03 am

    Translation of Think Wasabi’s previous post:

    “[The] Web Developer’s Handbook is like some great thematic packet or a chocolate factory for web and graphic designers. A single web page that brings together an extremely detailed selection of web tools, reference or inspirational sites, typography collections, HTML specifications (maybe language), examples or tutorials, CSS guides, usability guides, galleries and a thousand other things… If you are a professional or an amateur, this web site ought to be added to your favorites (bookmarked), because it shall become a place (something) constantly consulted.”

  • Rosano Coutinho

    gravatarAug 29, 2006
    2:08 pm

    Another really good one is Blue Vertigo. BTW you called it the Web Developer’s and Web Designers Handbook.

  • Chanpory

    gravatarAug 29, 2006
    2:22 pm

    Good catch, and thanks for the Blue Vertigo tip!

  • Chanpory

    gravatarAug 30, 2006
    7:58 am

    A fellow reader, Steve, sent us another great resource:


    Steve described it as “a handy directory of cheat sheets and quick reference guides. Although most seem to be geared to programmers, I’ve found a couple that have been handy for designers under color, html, css, etc.”

  • Nabeel

    gravatarSep 29, 2006
    8:17 pm

    this is an awesome resource thanks