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I love del.icio.us as much as the next tech geek. But I admit, having to visit a website to access bookmarks is annoying. Here are some alternatives:

Del.icio.us via traditional menus

Call me old-school, but menus are still way more convenient than trudging onto a website to find a favorite link. To marry the old and the new, meet Delibar for the Mac and it’s Window’s cousin, Deliwin.

Delibar and Deliwin both install a del.icio.us icon in either the Mac menubar or Windows start bar. To find a bookmark, just click the icon, navigate through tags, and select your bookmark. With keyboard shortcuts to the menu, it’s available anywhere anytime.

Delibar (Mac)
Deliwin (PC)

Del.icio.us via Quicksilver

If menus are too antiquated for you, try something more avant-garde with cult favorite, Quicksilver (Mac only). With the “Social Bookmarks” plugin, your bookmarks and tags are just a few keystrokes away. Here’s how to set it up:

1\. In Quicksilver preferences under Plug-ins, select and install the “Social Bookmarks” plugin.

Quicksilver Plugins

2\. Under Catalog, click the Plus icon at the bottom of the window and select “Social Bookmarks”.

Quicksilver Catalog

3\. In the Sources section, choose “Social Bookmarks”, and hit the Info icon on the lower-right of the window. In the Info drawer, fill in your del.icio.us name and password.

Quicksilver Info drawer

4\. Click the Rescan Sources icon on the lower-right of the window. Close preferences.

Rescan del.icio.us catalog

5\. To access a single bookmark or to browse tags, call up the Quicksilver menu and type a few letters of the bookmark or tag name.

Access del.icio.us bookmarks via Quicksilver

Quicksilver (Mac)


  • nessahead

    gravatarDec 1, 2006
    10:57 am

    Should have check my RSS reader this morning instead of figuring the QS method out myself ;)

    I could never could get myself motivated enough to use those del.icio.us bookmarklets. Yesterday, I found Flock and am finally using my del.icio.us account. Haven’t tried the Flickr/Blogging/RSS features yet, though.

  • Josh P

    gravatarDec 1, 2006
    11:08 am

    This is a pretty sick plugin for QS…but it seems when you’re retrieving tags from del.icio.us it doesn’t take you to the page of the tag…it just bring up the QS catalog screen. Or am I missing something?

  • nessahead

    gravatarDec 1, 2006
    11:31 am

    Arrow to the right on a tag and it will show you all of the bookmarks within.

  • BrianC

    gravatarDec 1, 2006
    1:54 pm

    I enjoy using Webnote Happy (http://happyapps.com) and having it “Share via del.icio.us”. It can create new bookmarks and also sync with your existing ones and provides a super fast search.

  • Jon Henshaw

    gravatarDec 3, 2006
    9:26 pm

    I’ve been looking for Delibar all of my (net) life. Thanks!

  • Trevor Pierce

    gravatarMar 1, 2007
    7:27 am

    I’ve been trying this tutorial several times, and each time the catalog remains empty — no tags are being imported. Is anyone else having this problem with del.icio.us or mag.nolia?

  • Zack Hobson

    gravatarApr 23, 2007
    12:52 pm

    @Trevor Pierce

    I’m having the same problem. Perhaps the plugin is using a deprecated API to retrieve the bookmarks?

  • Matt Moran

    gravatarApr 24, 2007
    10:15 am

    How do you get the social bookmarks icon to show the Del.icio.us icon instead of the default yellow star in a blue circle?

  • Rene Valois

    gravatarApr 28, 2007
    10:50 am

    I’ve been doing this for quite awhile, and I can successfully import my del.icio.us bookmarks, but each time I restart Quicksilver, they’re all gone. Anyone else have this issue?