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Doodim and MenuShadeDoodim is a nice little freeware Mac application that dims everything behind the current application you’re working in. Combine it with MenuShade to dim your menubar and your Mac is now virtually distraction-free.

In Doodim, a tiny delay occurs sometimes when switching applications. Dragging and dropping items onto the desktop also isn’t easy. Despite these minor issues, the app works very well, and I hope the next version will be more refined. I’d also love to see the next version of Mac OS X incorporate this as part of Exposé. Steve, are you listening?

Download Doodim Download MenuShade


  • Jeff

    gravatarJul 20, 2006
    12:47 pm

    To make your Mac free from audible distractions as well, I highly recommend installing Noise to generate background pink or white noise.

  • Chanpory

    gravatarJul 21, 2006
    12:26 am

    Jeff, this is great for offices with open plans and cubicles as well as schools with shared studio spaces and computer labs.

  • Daniel

    gravatarJul 21, 2006
    9:05 am

    Groovy… I was going to write something about this on my blog. I’ve been using this setup — Doodim + MenuShade — for several months and it’s been awesome. I guess I don’t need to post anything now, though.

  • Chanpory

    gravatarJul 21, 2006
    2:24 pm

    Sorry we beat you to the post, but we’re glad we saved you some time ;-)

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