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Paula Begoun, Cosmetics CopWhether or not you’re a designer, we all want to look devastingly hot. Unfortunately, this often means having to choose from a dizzying array of grooming products. Paula Begoun, the Cosmetics Cop, is my hero for publishing Don’t Go to The Cosmetics Counter Without Me, a tome of product reviews for virtually every major skincare product on the market. Think of it as a Consumer Reports for skincare.

The book rates each product, telling you if it’s bogus or worth the money. Turns out, most expensive skincare products don’t perform as well as lower priced ones. Some actually contain harmful skin irritants, causing harm instead of helping you look hot. Along with reviews and ratings, Paula also explains the meaning of obscure ingredient names like Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Kenitin, and Retinol.

The book’s available on Amazon, but you can view select reviews and her ingredients dictionary for free on her site:

Dissapointed with too many products, Paula’s also developed her own line of affordable skincare that contains no dyes, irritants, and fragrances—something that my sensitive skin loves. I’ve been using her sunscreen for the past two years, and love it. And yes, it’s keeping me looking devastingly hot. ;-)

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  • Oviedo

    gravatarOct 24, 2007
    5:55 pm

    I always have troubles when going to cosmetics counter. When I have no idea what to buy, those sales representatives like to introduce just the expensive ones or big cosmetics sets which I don’t even have a chance to use them at all. This book may works! Thank you.

  • Elena

    gravatarDec 14, 2008
    11:34 pm

    Thanks for such an important articles about Anti Aging. This is a very needed because my friend sis is suffering from anti aging and i want to help her. so please guide me.

  • J Alberto

    gravatarFeb 9, 2010
    8:12 am

    I appreciate you article. I like Fragrances. And i want known more abouit fragrances and perfumes

    Good Work