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Your morning just got a little cuter with Pantone’s line of swatch-inspired coffee cups. With a range of vivid hues and shades of espresso, they’re perfect for hardcore designers who crave a dose of design in the morning.

I’d really be swooning if they were available in every Pantone color. It won’t happen soon, but I can still dream, right?


  • Daniel Pipitone

    gravatarAug 14, 2008
    10:23 am

    This is so perfect. Must have them all!

  • bryan

    gravatarAug 15, 2008
    6:44 pm

    Remember to replace your Pantone coffee cups every 2 years as the taste of your coffee will fade and potentially inaccurate over time.

  • cem cemilay

    gravatarAug 17, 2008
    3:27 am

    nice design for cups but also i want to say that i like your ste desing..

  • Michael@ Awareness * Connection

    gravatarAug 18, 2008
    9:11 am

    Not for me. But I can see how anyone into design would love them. They also look like they’d fit much better with some d├ęcor than others.

    @bryan Aint that the truth. Also some paints like Devine seem to get updated at least that often. We learned that the hard way in a recent kitchen remodel.

  • jay

    gravatarAug 20, 2008
    1:45 am

    The perfect thing for a small office.

    “No, no, I am sure that I am 292. Yours must be 337”

  • Philippe Roy

    gravatarAug 20, 2008
    11:21 pm

    Don’t know if the cups are for me… but I must say that I’d be scared to be doing colour management pre-press services on that project. lol!

  • Zobodobo

    gravatarAug 28, 2008
    10:22 am

    these are available at Fishs Eddy for 75% off. the whole set – cups, plates, saucers, tea cups.