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The Michelle Pfeiffer of software, Microsoft Excel manages to remain sexy despite its age. The blog at Juice Analytics is ripe with clever ways to keep those spreadsheets looking good.

Several tips spread across three posts reveal clever ways to visualize data within spreadsheet cells. The first post covers showing bar graphs within cells. A follow-up post suggests variations on those graphs. A later post tackles a few types of charts preferred by famed information designer Edward Tufte.

The functions to create these effects also work in Google Spreadsheets and OpenOffice’s Calc with little or no modification.

Juice Analytic’s first bar graph article became popular last week when it was featured on Lifehacker and the inimitable Digg.com. I found it on the terrific infoporn data visualization blog, Information Aesthetics.

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  • foo

    gravatarAug 24, 2006
    5:08 am

    Is it possible to do that on OpenOffice Calc?