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Hey everyone, I meant to post this earlier, but had trouble with my Internet access:

I’m taking a much needed vacation and will be out for the rest of the month on a Southern adventure in Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia–yikes!

I know I haven’t been posting much lately, but I promise I haven’t totally checked out! After reading Merlin Mann’s recent posts on the dismal state of productivity blogs, I got a bit embarrassed about the lack of focus on LifeClever. I’m doing some blog soul searching and hope to come back recharged and in full force.

Thanks to everyone for sticking with me.


  • Kelly

    gravatarSep 29, 2008
    11:40 am

    laughs Why is a Southern adventure “yikes”? Despite what you see in the popular media, most Southerners are jarringly normal.

    I’ve lived in an Alabama metropolis (Huntsville) my whole life. Most Southerners are not galloping racists, incorrigible rednecks, or disgruntled rebels, despite overwhelming stereotypes to the contrary. We’re just smooth talkers, largely chivalrous and good-natured (if a bit more conservative and/or religious than some parts of the country).

    Hope you like sweet iced tea…have a good time! :)

  • Tabs

    gravatarOct 2, 2008
    1:39 am

    Enjoy your time off, maybe you can use the time to come up with better productivity stuff, you know the suggestions one can actually implement without need to get a pH D.

    Have fun,


  • Brad Blackman

    gravatarOct 2, 2008
    7:24 am

    Why the “yikes”? I’ve lived in Nashville all my life, I knew I was out of the South when I asked for Sweet Tea in a restaurant and was given a strange look.

    Kelly is right. Southerners are a lot more normal than you’d think. (Or maybe not. We say we’re “fixin'” to do things.) Plus, I think there are probably more rednecks in Indiana than Tennessee. Believe it or not, Nashville has a great indie rock scene!

  • Chanpory Rith

    gravatarOct 2, 2008
    8:26 am

    Hey y’all. I just got back from the South and had a great time. Actually spent a bit of time in Huntsville, and indeed, most everyone is pretty normal as Kelly said. It was quite different from San Francisco, but it wasn’t like visiting another country.

    P.S. I heart sweet tea!

  • damien

    gravatarOct 3, 2008
    2:33 am

    I grew up in Savannah, Georgia, but was finally kicked out after the residents found out that I’m not a fan of sweet tea :(

    Glad you had a good time!

  • Peter James

    gravatarOct 4, 2008
    9:58 pm

    ooooohhhh. I love sweet tea :) Can’t wait for the day I get to visit. I’m dying to trek through South Carolina and the Charleston area.

  • Andi

    gravatarOct 5, 2008
    8:35 am

    Go see Jack and Susan Warner in Tuscaloosa – they own the Lodge at the Yacht Club and the incredible Warner – Westervelt Museum of American Art and have an awesome garden overlooking the lake – also see the Sam Jackson Store.

  • Riaz

    gravatarOct 6, 2008
    2:15 pm

    In georgia if you swing by Savannah be sure to check out SCAD. The Savannah College of Art and Design.

  • Mallory

    gravatarOct 12, 2008
    9:54 am

    Can’t wait ’til LifeClever is up and kicking again! ;)