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It’s that happy-joy-joy time of the year again. Yes, Macworld Expo kicks off next week in San Francisco on January 15th. Steve will be delivering the keynote, and is expected to entice Apple fans with a new mouthwatering product. The rumor mills are abuzz with whispers of an overhaul to Apple’s notebook line and the launch of an ultra-portable Macbook. Sweet!

Don’t have passes yet? You can still get a free exhibit pass here.

If you can’t make it in person, check out live coverage at Mac Rumors Live.

So are you going? Do you believe the rumors? What are your predictions for MacWorld?

Photo by acaben


  • Jason

    gravatarJan 9, 2008
    6:35 am

    I’m hoping for some more details on the all-but-confirmed iPhone software update. Specifically, I have my fingers crossed very tightly for Notes and ToDo syncing. I’m not really in the market for new hardware at this point, but I will admit that the rumored ultra-portable is quite enticing!

    What are you hoping for, Chanpory?

  • Chanpory Rith

    gravatarJan 9, 2008
    8:20 pm

    Hey Jason, I’m hoping, wishing for an robust iPhone software update and a resurrection of the Mac Mini with Apple TV functionality. Too much to hope for? Probably :-(

  • Michiel

    gravatarJan 10, 2008
    12:36 am

    I need the ultra thin macbook. My 12″ powerbook needs a replacement…

  • Kenneth – Guy From Personal Development Blog

    gravatarJan 11, 2008
    1:10 am

    Oh my god, please please please do post up pictures after that. Mouthwatering…. :)

  • Nathan Ketsdever

    gravatarJan 11, 2008
    10:10 am

    Can’t wait! It beats CES handsdown!

    Just hope the iphone drops in price…