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Toby Craig's bookbinding processComic book artist, Toby Craig has an excellent tutorial on do-it-yourself bookbinding. The process requires some sewing and gluing, but his instructions are thorough and comes with lots and lots of pictures (which we like). The materials and tools he used should also all be available at your local arts and crafts store.

For artists, writers, and designers looking to do a small limited edition run of books to showcase your work, this is probably the most cost-effective way. Plus, it’s just a little more comforting to do it yourself, rather than having to trust places like Kinko’s to bind it right the first time.

Read Toby’s full bookbinding tutorial

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  • Jason

    gravatarJul 13, 2006
    12:50 am

    Cool, this looks like a nice project and would definitely make a sweet book. Perhaps an even easier way (for those less adept with our hands) is lulu.com where you can get a book printed paperback for 4.50 + .2c a page b/w. And they do single prints. =)