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Perfect PagesAaron Shepard’s guide, Perfect Pages, shows you how to achieve the impossible: good typography in Microsoft Word. An excerpt of the book with basic tips is available free on his website. For a much more in-depth guide, the complete book’s available on Amazon.

Designers might find it hard to imagine a world without fancy layout programs like Adobe InDesign. Most people, however, aren’t professional designers and won’t have the resources to buy or learn high-end design software. They just have Word. Thankfully, Aaron faces these constraints head-on, creating the most approachable and comprehensive manual available for typography and publishing in Microsoft Word.

Although the book is geared towards writers who want to self-publish, professional designers will also find it useful when designing Word documents such as fax and correspondence templates as part of a large corporate identity system.

Free excerpt with tips
Full book on Amazon


  • Sean

    gravatarJul 29, 2006
    9:33 pm

    This guy looks like Bob Ross ;-)

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    gravatarAug 2, 2006
    7:58 am

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