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I am currently an associate editor at St. Martin's Press, where I acquire and edit nonfiction books. Growing up in Manhattan, I attended Stuyvesant High School, and then earned my B.A. in theater from Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts. I've worked in theater, publishing, and new media since then. In addition to the Moldawer in the Morning Podcast, I co-host the Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas, a podcast about classic science fiction books, television shows, and movies. I live in Manhattan with my wife, artist and educator Samantha Hahn, and my dog, Pita the Pit Bull.

Mar 24, 2008

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

I’ve had a heck of a time blogging here at LifeClever, but as my own productivity suffers, and now that Chanpory is able to return to the site full time, I’ve decided to step away from the site. Thanks for reading, and thanks to all of you for your insightful comments over the last few […]

Mar 21, 2008

10 Tools That Are Less Trouble Than They’re Worth

Thank god for my wife. Really. If it weren’t for her patient, gentle fashion influence over the last four years, I would probably be wearing a utility belt today. Or worse, a Utilikilt. The two of us will go into a store and I’ll see, let’s say, a cool vest with lots of pockets, or […]

Mar 21, 2008

Diigo 3.0 Beta is Live

I’ve sung the praises of social bookmarking service Diigo in the past here at Lifeclever. It archives a full cache of every page in case the original goes down, lets you highlight and annotate Web pages, and it publishes your links to all the other social bookmarking sites automatically. What’s not to love? Well, I […]

Mar 19, 2008

A Project a Day Keeps David Allen at Bay

GTD’s Weekly Review is all well and good in theory, but in practice I run out of steam doing high-order planning and brainstorming after 30 15 minutes. I mean it; I need to take a nap. And I’ve got tasks for 19! projects in my handy Toodledo account right now. (And I’m not even that […]

Mar 13, 2008

You Eat Too Much!, or How to Stop Worrying and Love Your Job

For most of the people who read this blog, saying yes is easy. The bright, driven folk who read Lifeclever do so in part because they feel overwhelmed by their workload. No slackers in this bunch”at least, few normal people would call one of us a slacker, although I’m sure we sometimes think of ourselves […]

Mar 10, 2008

The One-Day Sabbatical

In academia, professors have the option of taking a year away from their home institution for the purpose of expanding their intellectual horizons. They might spend this time doing research in the field, teaching at another university, or writing a book. For those of us working in a world without tenure and tweed jackets with […]

Mar 1, 2008

Design Writing Contest–Deadline This Tuesday

Jacob Cass at Just Creative Design shares a prize opportunity for you designers out there: $5000 PRIZE GIVEAWAY – Graphic Design Group Writing Project The Facts: What: A graphic design group writing project with $5000+ worth of prizes Deadline: Tuesday 4th of March Do: Write a new post on the subject of graphic design Details: […]

Feb 28, 2008

The Best Advice My (Nutty) Karate Teacher Ever Gave Me

If you’ve ever taken a look at my photo, you might be surprised to discover that I’m a killing machine. That’s right. Green belt black tip in the deadly art of karate, courtesy of three years of classes at my local YWCA. This is a few years back. I’d like to pretend that my martial […]

Feb 27, 2008

The 10 O’Clock Rule

This is a nifty one, simple to implement and, in my experience, surprisingly effective. Set your watch to beep every night at 10 o’clock. When your watch goes off, get up that instant and prepare for morning. Whether you’re in the middle of watching a DVD, rushing to meet a work deadline, reading that one […]

Feb 22, 2008

Decimate Those “Someday” Projects with Triangulation

You’ve got at least one Big Project on your someday list, or at least in the back of your mind: that novel/painting/web start-up/symphony you’ve always wanted to tackle “when the time is right.” One day, you tell yourself, when there’s a nice long lull, you’ll get to it, but until then it’s nose-to-the-grindstone on more […]

Feb 19, 2008

Quickly Prioritize Notes with Color-coded Shorties

I’m a stationery nerd. I can’t resist poring over the shelves of office supply stores for unusual items that might fit a tricky niche in my productivity lifestyle. Occasionally I strike gold. For instance, this weekend I discovered Pacon‘s exellent blank tagboard flash cards. They come in boxes of 1,000 in an assortment of 5 […]

Feb 7, 2008

Master a Skill in Stages

It’s an oft-quoted truism in books on learning and productivity that it takes 10,000 hours to achieve true mastery in any skill, from composing symphonies to playing tennis. Is it true? I have absolutely no idea. It’s certainly an appealing concept, though. We’re used to thinking of genius as an elusive, magical thing that springs […]

Feb 4, 2008

The Task Tarot

Divination is the art of foretelling the future through the interpretation of seemingly random signs. For instance, hieromancy is the art of divination using animal entrails. (I’ll leave it up to you to figure out what kind of entrails are involved in anthropomancy.) Clearly, ancient peoples had even more anxiety about how they were going […]

Jan 31, 2008

Your Prep Card: Don’t Leave Home Without It

You’re about to ask your boss for a raise. You’ve got a big pitch meeting with a potential client in five minutes. It’s time to negotiate your first home purchase. The adrenaline’s pumping. The stakes are high. You’ve got all the salient points of your argument down pat, your various counter-arguments holstered, and you’re ready […]

Jan 28, 2008

Archive the Web with Diigo was a big discovery for me. The ability to access my bookmarks anywhere, share them with others, and discover my friends’ favorites: Wow! But I had a moment of truth the day I clicked a months-old bookmark only to discover that one of my favorite pages on Web design had vanished. D’oh! I’d really […]

Jan 18, 2008

Sleep: You Need More

Hey, you. Yeah, you, the one reading this post instead of working. You need sleep. Seven to eight hours. Really. More than exercise. More than your weekly review. More than World of Warcraft. How many times have you read an article in some magazine about a Tony Robbins-obsessed CEO who claims to get up at […]

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