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SneakPeak Pro

Quick Look in Leopard is super handy for instantly previewing files such as Word docs, Quicktime Movies, PDFs, and HTML files. But what about previewing file types that designers care about? You know, like Illustrator, InDesign, Freehand, Quark, and Flash documents? Unfortunately, Quick Look doesn’t natively support them.

Thankfully, a few plugin developers have come to the rescue. Check out these five useful Quick Look plugins:

  1. SneakPeek Pro
    This powerful plugin lets you view Illustrator, Indesign, Freehand, and EPS files. It’ll even show the font’s, images, and swatches used in the file. The cost is $20. If that’s too steep for a plugin, check out the free plugins below.

  2. EPSQLPlugIn EPS Viewer
    Enables you to view EPS files. It’s free, but you can consider a donation if you fall in love with the plugin.

  3. QuarkXPress Viewer
    If you’re still using Quark, this plugin is a must have.

  4. FLV Viewer
    This plugin lets you .flv media files, (not .swf unfortunately). It also requires the Perian add-on for QuickTime.

  5. Adobe Illustrator Viewer

This is more of a hack than a plugin, but it’ll enable you to view PDF compatible Illustrator files.


  • Daniel MacDonald

    gravatarApr 1, 2008
    9:40 am

    LifeClever is back with the gold level content!

  • RUDE

    gravatarApr 1, 2008
    11:10 pm

    I’m hoping that someone, someday, will create a QL plugin to see Photoshop brushes. That would be the best f****ing QL plugin in the universe.

  • Web Design Lincolnsh

    gravatarApr 9, 2008
    7:58 am

    These are some plugins, I must look at.

    Thanks for sharing.