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Need to give your bathroom a stylish and functional upgrade? Check out these 5 useful tools:

Toro Tissue Ring

Toro Tissue Ring

The Toro tissue ring is an insanely minimal tissue dispenser. Designer Scott Christensen eschews the ugly cardboard box for a simple stainless steel ring. The ring has exactly the right weight and size to hold down a stack of tissues while letting only one tissue through at a time. Genius. $18.

Primo Toiler Paper Holder

Blomus Primo Toilet Paper Holder

Want to add an instant touch of Modernism to your bathroom? Straight from Germany comes Blomus’s Primo Paper Roll Holder. Instead of hiding your extra toilet paper rolls in closet, show it off simply in style. Holds 4 rolls. $48.


Light Night

Need a clever night light for midnight dashes to the bathroom? Check out Light:Night. It glows softly on its cradle and shines bright when you pick it up. It’s available in three colors, so it’s also the perfect bathroom mood-lighting for your next swanky party. $49.

Scrubbing Bubble’s Fresh Brush

<img src=’http://www.lifeclever.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/07/scrubbing_bubbles.jpg’ alt=’Fresh Brush’ class=large” />I hate hate hate cleaning toilets, because it’s just plain gross. My favorite toilet cleaning system is Scrubbing Bubble’s Fresh Brush. Its an unobtrusive design and the disposable heads are flushable, so you start off with a clean brush every time. Perfect for the lazy germophobe. $6.

Scott Amron’s Toothbrush

Toothbrush hack

Scott Amron has designed a new trick for that ol’ familiar morning tool: your toothbrush. Instead of slurping water from the faucet or reaching for a cup to rinse your mouth after brushing, Scott’s toothbrush funnels water into your mouth, like a drinking fountain.

The simple translucent plastic is also a refreshing contrast to today’s overdesigned brushes.

Clean, quick, sanitary, and very clever. Unfortunately Scott’s design is still waiting to get picked up for production. :-(

Note: I was not paid to write about any of these products.

Thanks to George Slavik for the link to Scott’s toothbrush this tip.


  • Michelle

    gravatarJul 19, 2007
    12:16 pm

    That’s great! I like the toothbrush! I would definitely buy one!

  • jos

    gravatarJul 19, 2007
    3:57 pm

    great tips… i really like the tp holder, very sheek

  • Madlap

    gravatarJul 20, 2007
    1:04 am

    If you’re not willing to pay $18 for a tissue dispenser, you can usually get a ring of the same size and weight at a decent leatherwork supply store for about $2. Possibly also in a stylish brass as well as chrome or nickel finish.

  • Lisa Lamphier

    gravatarJul 20, 2007
    3:54 am

    So you’re saying that someone looked at the old stand by plunger toilet paper holder (very popular in my area)and said “how would that look in chrome?”

  • DT

    gravatarJul 23, 2007
    6:37 am

    Nice collection guys!

  • Jeff

    gravatarAug 1, 2007
    10:45 am

    These are great!…if you don’t have kids of course.

    Your tissues are much less likely to be strewn across the floor if they are kept in a tidy box.

    The only thing better than re-rolling up one roll of toilet paper is re-rolling up 5 rolls!

    I love my kids, but would never spend $50 on a glowing ball of fun either.

    But,…the squirting toothbrush actually may be an incentive for to get their teeth cleaned.

    oh well.

  • Lisa Lamphier

    gravatarAug 1, 2007
    11:05 am

    Jeff forgot to mention all the clever things a small chld could find to do with a stainless steel ring in the bathroom. I wonder…is it designed large enough not to be flushed down the toilet? If not, this would be a bad design flaw.

  • Steve installs a shower

    gravatarDec 11, 2007
    4:38 pm

    I love the toilet roll holder. I use a similar one in my bathroom.

  • bathroom ideas

    gravatarJan 18, 2008
    11:07 am

    love the light night, it’s a must have for someone who often goes to the bathroom at night

  • future designs

    gravatarJan 18, 2008
    11:08 am

    cool, seems simple, but really handy when needed.

  • Duncan Munday

    gravatarMay 7, 2008
    8:20 am

    I like the night lights! Good idea! I wonder how much battery power they use up? Rather expensive too!