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Entries from September 2010

Sep 24, 2010

Rails Bootcamp Diary: Day 4

I just got done with day four of Rails Bootcamp, and I’m exhausted. But Rails is so cool, it makes up for the drain and pain. Sarah Allen also continues to impress with her teaching acumen. In today’s class, we learned about Controllers, the C in an M-V-C application model. In short, Controllers are like […]

Sep 23, 2010

Rails Bootcamp Diary: Day 3

Today, my furrowed brows relaxed into “ah ha” smiles. After two days of challenging Ruby concepts, we’re now in the wonderful world of Rails. Our instructor for this section, Sarah Allen, is also really bringing it on. What works Context and the big picture For me, it’s vital to understand the big picture when learning […]

Sep 21, 2010

Rails Bootcamp Diary: Day 2

Ok, I get why this class is called a “bootcamp”. I just finished day two of my Ruby on Rails class, and I’m officially mindfrakked. Today’s class moved at a rapid pace and covered a wealth of topics including: Blocks and yielding Procs and Lambdas Enumerators method_missing Regular expressions File input/output I absorbed only about […]

Sep 21, 2010

Rails Bootcamp Diary: Day 1

I’ve just completed my first day of an intensive Ruby on Rails bootcamp. No, I didn’t get to wear a uniform, don macho combat boots, or get yelled at by angry drill sergeants. But I do get to fumble around in a shell terminal, which is just about as painful (and I suppose kinda sexy, […]