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Entries from August 2008

Aug 28, 2008

One Wish List to Rule Them All

Amazon’s Wish List feature just got way more clever with the Universal Wish List Button. The newly introduced tool lets you to add any item on any website to your Amazon Wish List–even products not sold on Amazon. Just drag the button to your browser’s bookmarks bar, and click the “Add to Wish List” link […]

Aug 14, 2008

Design Your Morning with Pantone Coffee Cups

Your morning just got a little cuter with Pantone’s line of swatch-inspired coffee cups. With a range of vivid hues and shades of espresso, they’re perfect for hardcore designers who crave a dose of design in the morning. I’d really be swooning if they were available in every Pantone color. It won’t happen soon, but […]

Aug 11, 2008

Stay in Focus with Isolator and Menu Eclipse

Can’t concentrate because you’ve got a billion windows opened? Check out Isolator. The clever Mac app dims background application windows to keep you focused on the current application. Couple it with Menu Eclipse to dim your menubar, and you’ve got a distraction-fighting dynamic duo.

Aug 8, 2008

Whatever’s Clever: Ampersands, Dashes, Grids, and Figures

The Ampersand A cute little blog dedicated to respresentations of the beloved Ampersand. The Trouble With EM ‘n EN (and Other Shady Characters) Do you know the three types of dashes? Peter Sheering has a quick tutorial on the proper use of dashes as well as other typographic details on the web. Setting Web type […]

Aug 4, 2008

Is Workin’ 9 to 5 a Bad Thing?

My typical work day is 9:30 to 7:30. Often, my work bleeds into my “off hours”. This isn’t helped by instant messengers, twitters, tiny laptops, and my fancy new 3G iPhone. If someone “needs” me for a random assignment in the wee hours, I’m just a few buttons away–just a tug of the electronic dog […]