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Entries from May 2008

May 22, 2008

Design School’s Over, Now What?

It’s May and that means graduation time. Congrats to all the students leaving college to become professional designers. I’m working on a series of posts geared towards new design graduates. But first, I’d like to know what aching questions you have now that you’re fresh out of school. What useful advice do you need? What […]

May 20, 2008

10 Free Web-based Alternatives to Photoshop

I’m fed up with Photoshop and its one billion rarely-used features. How about a simple photo-editor that’s quick, easy, and doesn’t cost a thousand dollars. Fortunately, there’re tons of web-based photos editors popping up. Most are crap, but some are promising. Check out these free web-based Photoshop alternatives: 1. Picnik Arguably, Picnik is the most […]

May 15, 2008

Why You Should Never Forget Wolfgang Wienerschnitzelhaus

When designing anything to accomodate names”such as a business card, an address book, or a project management app”don’t forget about Wolfgang Wienerschnitzelhaus. Why? Because he’s a got really really long name. And he won’t be the only one. So while everyone else cozies up to the boring John Does of this world, make sure you’re […]

May 13, 2008

10 Reasons Why Your Online Portfolio Sucks

Kyle Meyer of Astheria has an excellent post on why online portfolios just plain suck. He must be reading my mind, because I was just about to write about my intense hatred for online portfolios. Thankfully, Kyle’s saved me the trouble. He’s combed 200 online portfolios to find these 7 common mistakes: Bad navigation Zoomed […]

May 9, 2008

Whatever's Clever: How to Sleep Like a Baby

I've been up to the wee hours designing, coding, and writing. The result? Two weeks of terrible, awful sleep. So if you're in the same boat, this week's roundup for you. Here's 10 tips to help you sleep like a baby:

May 7, 2008

Learn 35+ Languages for Free in iTunes

I was just browsing iTunes for poignant Morrissey covers when I discovered nearly a thousand free language courses on iTunes. 926 courses to be exact. Holy Moleskine, Batman! The extensive library of courses span over 35 languages, from Arabic to Yiddish. Each course comes as a convenient podcast which you can subscribe and put on […]

May 5, 2008

Maker Faire is the Magic Kingdom for Geeks

For everyone who’s been picked last for kickball and first for lab, your time has come. I just went to my first Maker Faire in San Mateo last Saturday and was totally blown away. I’m declaring it the most exciting event for geeks in the world. The vast array of geekerie included everything from laser […]

May 2, 2008

Whatever's Clever: How to Take Screenshots Like a Pro

This week’s roundup is about screenshots, screenshots, and screenshots: 6 Screenshot Utilities You Should Know About “I use different screen capture utilities depending on the type of screen I’m trying to grab. Some are great for a quick and dirty capture of a page I want to send someone. Others are good for annotating an […]

May 1, 2008

Why Boring Desktops are Good

Some of us in the office are fed up with beautiful, distracting desktop backgrounds. So we’ve changed them to a medium grey: The solid grey reduces distractions and creates a nice neutral backdrop for design work. But it’s boring. So boring, it makes you want to spend less time mesmerized in front of the computer. […]