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Entries from April 2008

Apr 30, 2008

LifeClever Joins 9rules

Hey everyone, just a quick note: 9rules has invited me to join their community of blogs. So as of today, LifeClever is now an official member of the 9rules network. I’m honored to be in the company of fantabulous blogs including ones I’ve been following regularly: Glenn Wolsey 5ThirtyOne Smashing Magazine LifeDev Dumb Little Man […]

Apr 29, 2008

The Missing iPhone Ringtone

I love the ringtone at the end of every iPhone television ad. It’s simple, sweet, and unassuming. But strangely, it’s doesn’t come installed on the iPhone. You can’t even buy it from the iTunes Music Store. Fortunately, you can download it here for free: Download iPhone TV Commercial Ringtone To install, just download it. Then, […]

Apr 28, 2008

Portfolio 101: Pick a Least Favorite

When I review a designer’s portfolio, I love to ask: “Which project is your least favorite?” The answer I loathe to hear is: “Oh, they’re all my favorites and I love them all!” That’s when my eyes roll. The answer’s polite. It’s inoffensive. It’s safe. But it’s also the lamest response you can give. I […]

Apr 25, 2008

Whatever's Clever: Terminal Geekerie, Family People, and a Very Clever Witch

Helpful hacks for becoming a Terminal guru Ben shows you how to get your Mac geek on with Visor, the other app from Blacktree–the folks that make Quicksilver. Why I love working with family people “The stereotypical startup dream hire is a 20-something with as little life as possible outside of computers…I should know. I […]

Apr 22, 2008

Get a Crash Course in Graphic Design

If you’re aching to learn design skills but don’t have the time–or the confidence–then check out Robin William’s The Non-Designer’s Design Book. The approachable, unassuming, and humorous book explains basic design principles in a way that anyone can grasp–from grandmas in Scranton to art directors in New York City. So what are these basic design […]

Apr 15, 2008

Two Gmail Hacks for Fighting Spam

Mark Roudebush at Method recently sent me two ultra-clever Gmail tricks for tracing and preventing spam. Here’s what he wrote: 1. The Plus Hack You can create alias emails for things like shopping sites, places you know will spam you, or anything you want to track to see who they are sharing your email with. […]

Apr 14, 2008

LifeClever Gets a Face Lift

Voila! A brand new design for LifeClever is now up. I’ve been toiling on this for the past few months, so I’m very excited to share it with you. Why just a face lift? I had hoped to do more by migrating to Drupal and adding some cool new features. For example, forums. Unfortunately, Drupal’s […]

Apr 3, 2008

Supercool typographic posters of supercool cities

Ork Design has some very clever typographic posters of famous US cities. Each poster shows the neighborhoods of a city arranged as a typographic map. Cities include Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Manhattan, and best of all, San Francisco. It’s sweet candy to the distintiguished designer’s eye. Cost is $20 for posters that are offset printed. If […]

Apr 1, 2008

5 useful Quick Look plugins for designers

Quick Look in Leopard is super handy for instantly previewing files such as Word docs, Quicktime Movies, PDFs, and HTML files. But what about previewing file types that designers care about? You know, like Illustrator, InDesign, Freehand, Quark, and Flash documents? Unfortunately, Quick Look doesn’t natively support them. Thankfully, a few plugin developers have come […]