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Entries from March 2008

Mar 28, 2008

Adobe launches Photoshop for the web

As if there aren’t enough permutations of Photoshop, Adobe’s just launched Photoshop Express. This web-based version of Photoshop enables you to quickly crop, touch-up, distort, and apply effects to any of the billions of images you’ve taken with your cam. I haven’t delved in too deeply yet, but I’m fairly impressed with how well it […]

Mar 25, 2008

Portfolio Day might make you cry, but it’s worth it

If you’re looking for a design job right out of school, then AIGA Portfolio Day is your best chance to schmooze with local designers who might be hiring. Even if you’re not looking for a job, it’s the best way to get useful feedback on your portfolio–even if the reviewers make you cry. Just remember, […]

Mar 24, 2008

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

I’ve had a heck of a time blogging here at LifeClever, but as my own productivity suffers, and now that Chanpory is able to return to the site full time, I’ve decided to step away from the site. Thanks for reading, and thanks to all of you for your insightful comments over the last few […]

Mar 24, 2008

What Happened to the LifeClever Magic?

Long time reader Jason Sanders recently sent me an email: I have to say: I loved your site. It was a great combination of design tips and productivity. I even learned how to properly format my resume from your article “Give your resume a face lift” which helped me get a job. Thank you. But […]

Mar 21, 2008

10 Tools That Are Less Trouble Than They’re Worth

Thank god for my wife. Really. If it weren’t for her patient, gentle fashion influence over the last four years, I would probably be wearing a utility belt today. Or worse, a Utilikilt. The two of us will go into a store and I’ll see, let’s say, a cool vest with lots of pockets, or […]

Mar 21, 2008

Diigo 3.0 Beta is Live

I’ve sung the praises of social bookmarking service Diigo in the past here at Lifeclever. It archives a full cache of every page in case the original goes down, lets you highlight and annotate Web pages, and it publishes your links to all the other social bookmarking sites automatically. What’s not to love? Well, I […]

Mar 19, 2008

A Project a Day Keeps David Allen at Bay

GTD’s Weekly Review is all well and good in theory, but in practice I run out of steam doing high-order planning and brainstorming after 30 15 minutes. I mean it; I need to take a nap. And I’ve got tasks for 19! projects in my handy Toodledo account right now. (And I’m not even that […]

Mar 18, 2008

How to Reclaim Your Productivity Mojo in 3 Days

This is a guest post by Mike St. Pierre of The Daily Saint There are plenty of suggestions for the average Joe who is stuck in a rut but wants to get back into shape. In fact, the “diet wars” as proclaimed by PBS and a myriad of other media outlets constitute a multi-billion dollar […]

Mar 13, 2008

You Eat Too Much!, or How to Stop Worrying and Love Your Job

For most of the people who read this blog, saying yes is easy. The bright, driven folk who read Lifeclever do so in part because they feel overwhelmed by their workload. No slackers in this bunch”at least, few normal people would call one of us a slacker, although I’m sure we sometimes think of ourselves […]

Mar 10, 2008

Get all the latest lifehacks with Alltop

Can’t get enough lifehacks? Head on over Alltop, a new site by Guy Kawasaki and friends. The Popurls-inspired site brings you the latest stories from popular lifehacks sites such as 43 Folders, Lifehacker, and Zen Habits. Oh, and LifeClever too ;-) You’ll also find pages for a wide range of other topics including design, mac, […]

Mar 10, 2008

The One-Day Sabbatical

In academia, professors have the option of taking a year away from their home institution for the purpose of expanding their intellectual horizons. They might spend this time doing research in the field, teaching at another university, or writing a book. For those of us working in a world without tenure and tweed jackets with […]

Mar 1, 2008

Design Writing Contest–Deadline This Tuesday

Jacob Cass at Just Creative Design shares a prize opportunity for you designers out there: $5000 PRIZE GIVEAWAY – Graphic Design Group Writing Project The Facts: What: A graphic design group writing project with $5000+ worth of prizes Deadline: Tuesday 4th of March Do: Write a new post on the subject of graphic design Details: […]