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Entries from November 2007

Nov 30, 2007

Memory Zero: Go Bags

The inestimable Merlin Mann runs a series of posts on 43 Folders called Inbox Zero, intended to impart “the skills, tools, and attitude needed to empty your email inbox”and then keep it that way.” It’s been a great series so far (my own inbox is nearly empty at this minute, for instance). In a similar […]

Nov 29, 2007

You are More than Your Portfolio

Erik Spiekermann once told me, “Portfolios don’t matter. You hire the person, not the portfolio.” Like Erik, the statement’s bold. But he’s got a point. Your portfolio demonstrates what you already know, not your potential for learning, adapting, and growing. Sure, a portfolio shows competency. At the minimum, you should know how to read, write, […]

Nov 28, 2007

Two Methods to Maximize Creativity

If you’re a LifeClever reader, you’re probably working (or studying to work) in a creative field. And you know that creative work is hard work. It’s exhausting. In fact, doing your non-creative work can feel like a welcome break after spending all day just trying to think of stuff. Being a book editor, blogger, and […]

Nov 26, 2007

The Amazing Pocket Tickler System

Hi, everyone. David Moldawer here, book editor and podcaster and your new co-blogger on LifeClever. Very happy and excited to join Chanpory here on this most excellent blog. On LifeClever, I’ll discuss everything from my favorite stationery items to my most elegant productivity hacks. I’m a fervent Mac user, but I also use a PC […]

Nov 26, 2007

Say Hello to David Moldawer

I’d like to introduce you to LifeClever’s new staff writer, David Moldawer. David comes from the publishing and theater world. He is an associate editor at St. Martin’s Press and recently edited, among others, Mark Frauenfelder’s fabulous Internet guide, Rule the Web. I hired David because he’s got great writing chops, is crazy obsessed about […]

Nov 19, 2007

LifeClever is hiring (position filled)

This position is now filled. It’s time to admit I can’t do everything myself. For the past year, I’ve been a one-man blogging shop (with occasional help from generous guest writers.) I’ve enjoyed the late nights and extra working hours, but recent life changes have made me reconsider my priorities. I’m now looking for a […]

Nov 14, 2007

Chanpory does 43 Folders

I now have my very own blog on Merlin Mann’s 43 Folders. After publishing a couple of my guest posts, Merlin’s kindly given me a cozy little corner on his site to rant, rave, and muse at random. I won’t have a set schedule, but I expect to post 3-4 posts a month. Check out […]

Nov 12, 2007

Give One Get One laptop promotion starts today

The anxiously awaited XO laptop is now available for individual purchase as part of a Give One Get One program. For $399, you’ll pay for two laptops. One goes to you, and the other gets donated to a poor child in a developing country. If you’ve been on a media fast for the past two […]

Nov 9, 2007

Whatever’s Clever: Dabbawalas, the original 43 folders, and email sins

Back to My Mac through iChat “Back to My Mac allows a user log into another Mac remotely via internet. This is a great feature but it is only available if you are a .Mac subscriber… This quick tutorial will show you how set up iChat to do just that.” Dabbawalas: Low-tech and lean delivery […]

Nov 6, 2007

A hopeful Quicksilver alternative for Windows

Windows users who are jealous of Quicksilver’s might on the Mac now have a glimmer of hope in Skylight. Like Quicksilver, Skylight is an automation utility that lets you launch applications, find files, and execute actions with a quick series of keystrokes.

Nov 1, 2007

Khoi Vinh & Mark Boulton: Grids are Good

Are you grappling with how to design websites using a grid-based layout? Check out Khoi Vinh and Mark Boulton’s excellent design tutorial, Grids are Good. The presentation starts with a brief history of grids, then walks you through a step-by-step example of redesigning a large portal-type site using a grid. The portal example is especially […]