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Entries from August 2007

Aug 31, 2007

7 great benefits of taking a vacation, and how to do it

Summer’s almost over. Have you taken a vacation yet? If you haven’t, will you? Acccording to a 2006 survey by Harris Interaction and Expedia, 36 percent of workers don’t plan to use all their paid vacation days, and 37 percent never take more than a week off at a time. So to convince you to […]

Aug 28, 2007

Jason Fried: Working closely together ain’t productive

In a recent interview, Jason Fried from 37 Signals tells us why working closely together destroys productivity. Proximity is an invitation to interrupt somebody. And interruption is the biggest enemy of productivity that there is. When everyone is sitting together, everyone’s at the same desk or nearby. It’s really easy to shout something over to […]

Aug 26, 2007

5 reasons why Helio’s "Total Happiness Guarantee" is baloney

I’m a pretty easy-going guy, but I just got off the phone with Helio, and I’m pissed. On May 11, I bought a Helio Ocean to replace my beloved Sidekick 3. After trying out the Ocean’s terrible interface, I decided to return it and get my money back. Returning it was easy, but after two […]

Aug 24, 2007

Whatever’s Clever: Handy macros, better presentations, and poetic type

David Pogue: Computers make you less productive “Are you ready for a shock? According to a study from the Sloan School of Management at M.I.T., computers actually make you less productive. By the time you’ve finished stumbling around your software and fiddling with your formatting, you’ve spent more time than you would have had you […]

Aug 21, 2007

Event: Communicating concepts with comics (SF)

Tomorrow, Interaction Design Association (IxDA) and Cooper will be hosting a free public talk in San Francisco called, Communicating Concepts with Comics. Often, wireframes, requirements, personas and other documents have yielded unsatisfactory results – that is, when they are read at all. At Yahoo!, Kevin Cheng has been experimenting with using comics as a technique […]

Aug 20, 2007

5 simple steps to greater productivity

Editor’s Note: I’ve been a fan of Glenn Wolsey, a young up-and-coming blogger for quite some time. I’m still amazed he’s 15 years old! I’ve asked Glenn to contribute a guest post to this fine blog. And here he is with his five favorite productivity tips. Get even more juicy tips & tricks via our […]

Aug 17, 2007

Ironic: Apple’s new tiny keyboard ships in a ginourmous box

It’s no surprise that Apple’s new sexy keyboard packs a lot of eye candy into a waifish body. Apple just loves sleek, minimal design. So why does the keyboard ship in a box a billion times its size? Sean’s new keyboard just arrived and here’s what the crazy amount of packaging looks like:

Aug 16, 2007

How to quickly rename a zillion files

Ever had to rename a bunch of files one by one? It’s tedious, time-draining, and soul-sucking. Next time, use Renamer4Mac. This powerful utility lets you rename any number of files or folders at once. Features include all sorts of naming voodoo: search & replace, insert & overwrite, enumeration, and capitalization. Advanced geeks can rejoice, because […]

Aug 14, 2007

Flip your thoughts: The key habit for weight loss, frugality, happiness, success

This guest post was written by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits. It was just a short 20 months ago when I discovered a very simple key that allowed me to finally quit smoking and become a runner. It was such an easy but powerful key that I then used it to eat healthier, double my […]

Aug 13, 2007

46 resources & tools to improve your web typography

Who says type on the web has to look wretched? Sure, there are annoying constraints like low-resolutions, limited font choices, and browser incompatibilities. But with the right tools and a little bit of guidance, you can absolutely make on-screen typography beautiful. Here’s 46 resources to help you create, find, and code great looking type for […]

Aug 8, 2007

Where to show off your work (and get noticed)

After 6 years as a professional designer, there’s one reason why I still don’t have an online portfolio: it’s a pain in the ass to create and maintain. Online portfolios just involve labor-intensive design, coding, updating, and promoting. I know I’ll eventually get around to making a stellar online portfolio. But for now, I need […]

Aug 6, 2007

Who shrunk my New York Times?

Today the New York Times shrunk it’s newspaper size from 13.5 inches wide to 12 inches. Commuters on overcrowded buses and subway trains will rejoice. Despite the narrower columns, I quite like the smaller size. But really, does anyone read actual (paper) newspapers anymore?

Aug 3, 2007

How to be a designer in 2 seconds

Want to be a designer right now? Just look in the mirror, and say, “I’m a designer.” Okay, I know that sounds like a lame self-help motivational trick, but hear me out: Everyone designs, even you First, what is designing? Before I write a dissertation to answer that question, here’s a concise definition from Nobel […]