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Entries from July 2007

Jul 31, 2007

Late night links: How to design with CRAP, the new old Coke, and even more iPhone goodness

It’s after 10pm and I’m now just getting off work :-(. I’m braindead, beat, and need some sleep. But here are some tasty links for you to enjoy while I recover for the night: Design Better with CRAP “All design starts from four basic principles, abbreviated as CRAP (they come in no particular order, so […]

Jul 30, 2007

LifeClever joins the LifeRemix network

Today, LifeClever joins LifeRemix, a new blog network dedicated to life hacks, productivity, and self-improvement. LifeRemix will feature original content and syndicated headlines from its members. The first post, 100 Great Tips to Improve Your Life, is a sample of the best tips from all 15 blogs. The members of LifeRemix are: Black Belt Productivity […]

Jul 27, 2007

Where to find rare and amazing design books

Are you sick of the gluttony of wretched design books cluttering the shelves at Borders and other megabookstores? Why not look to the past for inspiration. Many of my favorite design books were published before I was born, and unlikely to ever be printed again. To find these rare design gems from the past, you […]

Jul 26, 2007

5 juicy tips from “Rule the Web”

Mark Frauenfelder’s new book, Rule the Web, promises to show you “how to do anything and everything on the internet”better, faster, easier.” That’s a grand promise, and I was rather skeptical. But after checking out the book, I’m truly impressed. An Amazon customer reviewer puts it better than I can: The cool thing about this […]

Jul 25, 2007

10 portfolios that get right to the point

I’m not a fan of online portfolios. Why? Because most sites bury the actual work under layers of splash pages, flash animations, clunky page navigation, and jargony copywriting. These gimmicks show technical prowess and cleverness but reek of overcompensation. When designing your next online portfolio, don’t get too fancy. Just get to the point, and […]

Jul 20, 2007

Whatever’s clever: Links for July 19th

Foldspy A clever design tool that helps you find the fold on a web page. The stated goal is to maximize ad placement, but it’s useful for laying out real content too. Ten Things to Learn This School Year “It seems to me that schools often teach the opposite of what’s necessary for the real […]

Jul 19, 2007

5 cleverly designed tools for your bathroom

Need to give your bathroom a stylish and functional upgrade? Check out these 5 useful tools: Toro Tissue Ring The Toro tissue ring is an insanely minimal tissue dispenser. Designer Scott Christensen eschews the ugly cardboard box for a simple stainless steel ring. The ring has exactly the right weight and size to hold down […]

Jul 18, 2007

10 virtually painless ways to kill distractions

Are you spending more time dealing with emails, IMs, phone calls, and random stray files than actually working? You might think those things are just a fact of working in a fast-paced world. But it’s not. Reducing and eliminating pesky distractions isn’t a feat, and you don’t need a 12-step program. Here are ten actions […]

Jul 17, 2007

17 powerful bookmarklets for your iPhone

Here’s a little known secret: bookmarklets work on your iPhone. But wait, what are bookmarklets? Bookmarklets are little pieces of Javascript code that can be saved as ordinary bookmarks in your web browser. They enhance your browsing experience by giving you super-instant access to useful tools and special functionality. There are billions of them, and […]

Jul 11, 2007

Ask Chanpory: When should I buy an Apple product?

Sara, a LifeClever reader, recently emailed me asking for advice on the dreaded problem of buying an Apple product, only to see a new version come out soon after: I just saw something about Apple releasing new versions of the iPod this year… got any details on that? I’m still a little irritated that the […]

Jul 2, 2007

iPhone: It ain't about the features

If you want to get work done during the next couple of days, don’t get an iPhone. It’ll suck you in like a sailor to a siren’s song. I’m now separated from My Precious long enough to get back to work and write some thoughts about my experience on iPhone launch day. I’m not going […]