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Entries from February 2007

Feb 23, 2007

A very merry Merlin Monday

Everyone’s favorite GTD guru, Merlin Mann, is launching a new video podcast series called, The Merlin Show. It premieres this Monday, February 26th, with the teaser description, “Thirty theoretically productive frames per second.” No more details yet from Merlin, but I presume it’ll be about GTD goodness and productivity. You go, Merlin! Watch and subscribe […]

Feb 22, 2007

One iChat window to rule to them all

The latest beta of Chax now adds vertically-oriented tabs to iChat. Finally, you can combine all your iChat conversations into one compact window. “But wait, apps like Adium and previous versions of Chax have had tabbed browsing for ages,” you say. True true, but they only allow Safari-style horizontal tabs. This is fine for 3 […]

Feb 21, 2007

Freeware of the week: OSXplanet (Mac)

Most desktop earth simulators carry a hefty price tag (EarthDesk and Live Deskpicture each cost $20, not including upgrades). Being a young designer on a budget, I scoured the web for a cheaper alternative and stumbled upon the donation-ware gem, OSXplanet. Based on the popular XPlanet, OSXplanet matches most its competitors’ features for free. It […]

Feb 16, 2007

Finally, a stylish heater for your home

I just walked downstairs and noticed a strange-looking square against the wall in our office. Turns out, it’s our new Econo-Heat heater. It, however, was no ordinary heater. Unlike the typical coiled radiator or fan-based heater, Econo-Heat has an unusually slim, touchable, and modern design. Even better, it uses fire-safe and energy-efficient convection heating technology, […]

Feb 15, 2007

13 lucky alternatives to Helvetica

Love Helvetica, but hate it too? Check out FontShop’s 13 Helvetica alternatives, a list of typefaces that are kinda-sorta like Helvetica, but not quite. You’ll find familiar classics like Univers as well as more obscure choices like FF Schulbuch and Maxima. For the typophile in all of us, each entry comes with a little historical […]

Feb 12, 2007

Freeware of the week: Shades (Mac)

Better brightness control for your Mac As computer displays become brighter and larger, most controls for setting brightness levels remain crude. Apple’s latest displays, for example, are still very bright even at the minimum brightness setting. For designers and others spending hours in front of a computer, the inevitable consequences are sore eyes and headaches. […]

Feb 8, 2007

Web 2.0 in just 5 minutes

Mention “Web 2.0” and you’ll probably hear a groan. People are just sick and tired of hearing it. Brian Clark of CopyBlogger has even made a New Year’s resolution to stop using the buzzword. So for the jaded and newbie alike, here’s a poetic and inspiring video on the history of Web 2.0: Web 2.0 […]

Feb 5, 2007

How to organize all your rewards cards

Is your wallet overstuffed with rewards cards? To slim down your wallet and keep those cards organized, check out this fantabulous tip from LifeClever reader, Michael Willits: Most of us carry around a few of those plastic rewards cards from airlines, grocery stores, movie rental shops, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. However, keeping more than three […]