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Entries from December 2006

Dec 24, 2006

Happy Holidays from LifeClever

I’d like to wish everyone a restful and peaceful holiday season. Thanks to everyone for helping make this a wonderful year. Here’s what you may have missed: How to tame your overflowing buddy list One desktop background to rule them all Better typography without (or in spite of) design school How to organize your cluttered […]

Dec 21, 2006

MetaDesign’s website gets ripped off

Brian Clark of Copyblogger recently got his blog’s design copied, causing quite a stir. Now, it looks like it’s my turn to get ripped off. My recent design for MetaDesign’s website has just been stolen by another design agency called Spotts & Company. Not only did they lift the layout and type styles, they also […]

Dec 21, 2006

Adobe’s new icons: Love or hate ’em?

Adobe’s recent Photoshop CS3 beta is quenching the desperate thirst of Photoshop fanatics everywhere. But it’s new icon system is causing some controversy. The new icons use a system of abbreviations to represent each Adobe product, a bit like the symbols in the periodic table. Since their introduction in 2003, the Adobe Creative Suite icons […]

Dec 20, 2006

I thought you should know…

Since the birth of LifeClever six months ago, I’ve written little about myself. Mostly because I’m a lazy bum who’d rather obsess about Battlestar Galactica and Nutella than write about myself. This week, however, a big change in my life happened. After three and a half years at MetaDesign, I am leaving. In the new […]

Dec 15, 2006

Instantly open Word docs with TextEdit

Just by accident, I discovered TextEdit’s forgotten superpower to open and edit Word docs. Just drag any Word document onto TextEdit, and it opens instantly. Barely a wait. Not even a splash screen. If you’re sick of waiting for Word’s one-billion toolbars and useless features to load, this is a step closer to escaping the […]

Dec 14, 2006

Wanna know who reads LifeClever?

The results of the LifeClever + Federated Media reader survey are in. I’d like to especially thank all 165 people who participated. Your efforts have given me much illumination into the LifeClever community. Since I’m sure you’re wondering who your fellow readers are demographically. Here are some highlights: 71.5% Male 47.7% Aged 18–29 61% Household […]

Dec 12, 2006

Get 10 insanely great Mac apps for under 50 bucks

MacHeist is bundling 10 award-winning Mac Apps for a fantastic price of $49. To get into the season, 25% of the sale goes to a charity of your choice. The bundle includes: Delicious Library FotoMagico ShapeShifter Devonthink Personal Disco RapidWeaver iClip 4 One game by Pangea NewsFire (unlocked when $50k charity is raised) TextMate (unlocked […]

Dec 11, 2006

Automagically organize your files with Hazel

If you can’t seem to keep your files organized and your desktop’s turned into a smelly junkyard, Hazel might help. An ingenius Mac app from Paul Kim, Hazel lets you create and attach rules and actions to any folder on your Mac—-even the desktop. Drag files into a folder or desktop, and Hazel processes and […]

Dec 7, 2006

What’s the meaning of life? Wikipedia knows.

If you’re trying to find the meaning of life, there’s no better place to start than Wikipedia. The Meaning of life entry nicely summarizes various scientific, philosophical, theological, and spiritual explanations for existence. It includes almost every major approach on one page, from Atheism to Transhumanism. Of course, if you’re jaded by all of them, […]

Dec 5, 2006

Send free faxes with FaxZero

When you need to send a fax and don’t have an archaic beige fax machine, use FaxZero. It’s free and lets you send a PDF or Word document to any fax number in the USA. FaxZero prints an ad on the coversheet, but leaves the main pages uncorrupted (Ad-free faxes are about two bucks). The […]

Dec 1, 2006

Easier access to del.icio.us bookmarks

I love del.icio.us as much as the next tech geek. But I admit, having to visit a website to access bookmarks is annoying. Here are some alternatives: Del.icio.us via traditional menus Call me old-school, but menus are still way more convenient than trudging onto a website to find a favorite link. To marry the old […]