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Entries from September 2006

Sep 28, 2006

Apple finally revamps .Mac webmail, but does anyone care?

Apple’s aging .Mac webmail client has been an embarassment for quite awhile now. So much so, that I’ve seriously considered dropping .Mac altogether. Now playing catchup to AJAX rich webmail clients like Gmail and Yahoo, Apple’s soon releasing a revamped webmail system. The new webmail system will sport the look of Mac OS X’s Mail.app, […]

Sep 26, 2006

The 7 deadly sins of résumé design

So you’ve labored with sweat and tears writing your résumé, and now you’re all set to turn it into a magnificently designed creation. Unfortunately, with the freedom of modern computers and fancy software, comes huge opportunities for abuse. When it comes to résumés, both non-designers and professional designers commit some almost unforgivable sins. Here are […]

Sep 23, 2006

First impressions of rooSwitch, a preferences manager for Mac apps

Brian Cooke recently showed us his new application, rooSwitch. Here’s how he describes it: rooSwitch allows you to manage profiles for almost any application. An example of how I use rooSwitch to get a handle on my life is to manage two profiles for NetNewsWire. One for “work feeds” and one for “other feeds”. During […]

Sep 21, 2006

How to choose an easy-to-read typeface

Imagine yourself picking a typeface for your next resumé, book, newsletter, or other text-heavy project. With the dizzying array of typefaces in the world, how do you choose when you simply want one that’s clear and readable? Thankfully, Before & After magazine’s short tutorial, What’s the Right Typeface for Text?, can help you make this […]

Sep 20, 2006

Get great deals, coupons, and money-saving tips with Trezr

What do you get when you mix bargain hunting with a Digg-style voting system and a cute Web 2.0 design? You get Trezr, a brand spanking new entry into the ever-growing crowd of niche social-bookmarking sites. Trezr’s founder, Artia Moghbel, has essentially expanded on the concept of Digg to create a system with a real […]

Sep 19, 2006

My MacBook’s fixed… now what?

Yay! After about a week, Apple’s resurrected my dead MacBook and it’s now back in my hands. The 60GB hard drive was out of stock, so I lucked out and got a free upgrade to an 80GB drive. Of course, this means nothing if (and when) the drive fails again. Now that my computer’s working, […]

Sep 18, 2006

DonationCoder: An exclusive interview with David Allen

Mouser (J. Reichler) of DonationCoder.com just scored an exclusive interview with David Allen, author of Getting Things Done. Mouser kindly asked us to pass the word along, which we’re happy to do because it’s a rather good interview and adds to the small canon of GTD-related sound recordings (which as you know, can be hard […]

Sep 15, 2006

One-click downloads on VersionTracker

My poor MacBook is still in the shop, but I wanted to end the week with a little tip for you: Being a lover of exciting new software, I’m often trolling VersionTracker for the latest applications to download and try. What’s most irritating, though, is the number of clicks it takes to download a file. […]

Sep 12, 2006

My MacBook’s hard drive just died :-( Any suggestions?

The unthinkable has happened: my MacBook’s hard drive gave up and croaked. This means lost data, unrecoverable memories, and tears of pain. It’s been less than 30 days since I purchased the Macbook, so at least Apple is replacing the drive. But until it gets fixed, updates from me might be sporadic for the next […]

Sep 11, 2006

Where to find Getting Things Done Fast for free

Recently, Merlin Mann of 43Folders got a copy of the extremely rare audio recording, Getting Things Done Fast. According to Dr. Merlin, the eight CDs provide greater insight into how to implement GTD: I have to say it’s really, really good. Totally goes into every corner of the five phases, amounting to the kind of […]

Sep 8, 2006

Who says index cards are boring?

Indexed, a blog I just discovered via Design Observer, combines plain index cards and simple diagrams to make funny little commentaries on life. Each day, a new set of index cards delivers small morsels of humor. Proof that diagrams can both explain and amuse. If you have a hipster PDA, this blog might just make […]

Sep 7, 2006

How to dress like a Mac

I love Apple’s latest television ads in which Justin Long is the cool and casual personification of the Mac. His look can easily be summarized as: Smart, but approachable Informal and casual but not slovenly A simple color palette of cool blues and greys Minimal, with no visible logos or slogans If you want to […]

Sep 6, 2006

The perfect bed for Getting Things Done

Itching to join the cult of productivity but can’t find the space for filing cabinets in your tiny apartment? You might want to check out the apartment Tobias Wong lived in from 1998 to 2003. Being an ever clever designer and artist, Tobias combined the spacial constraints of New York living and a desire for […]

Sep 4, 2006

No time for news? Get it at a glance on your desktop

If you’re feeling guilty for not keeping up with the news, try Newsmap. The site varies headlines by size and color depending on how much coverage a news item gets. This lets you quickly see top news items as well as biases and trends in news coverage. You can see Newsmap with a flick of […]

Sep 1, 2006

6 illuminating concept maps you should know about

My friends at Dubberly Design Office (DDO) have just posted a small sample of concept maps they’ve designed within the last 7 years. Each map takes a difficult–almost mystical–subject and attempts to rigorously map out its many complexities and relationships. There are six maps, each answering one of the following questions: What is Java technology […]