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Entries from August 2006

Aug 31, 2006

A styleguide for people who don’t like styleguides

Most major corporations have strict guidelines detailing how their logos should be used. Some can be cumbersome, espousing rules for everything from minimum size requirements to how it should look on the back of a gas guzzling 4×4. The GE styleguide, for example, is a tome at over 300 pages. Imagine my shock, when I […]

Aug 30, 2006

Midnight Inbox: An easy-to-understand GTD system for the Mac?

If you haven’t gotten around to implementing David Allen’s Getting Things Done, system, because of a lack of clear and easy-to-use programs, you may now be in luck. Midnight Beep has just released a public beta of Midnight Inbox, a new GTD application for the Mac. I have been using another system, Kinkless GTD, for […]

Aug 29, 2006

Everything a web developer might need on one page

On my way to becoming a web designer, I am constantly searching for techniques, tutorials, and other resources. The Web Developer’s handbook is a hefty database of links on a range of subjects pertinent to web development and design—all on one page. The list is a bit intimidating at first, but you are sure to […]

Aug 28, 2006

Get to the point with subject-only emails

We’re often compelled to write an email by filling out both the subject line and the body. Within the body, we might even have a salutation, a closing, and a signature. If you have a quick message to send, skip the body, and shorten your message to just the subject line: Shorter is better A […]

Aug 27, 2006

MyBlogLog: A place for bloggers and those who love them

MyBlogLog Communities is a new social network centered around blogs. Users create profiles for themselves, like a typical social network. But blog authors can also create communities for their blogs. Readers join those communities to meet the authors and other readers. The service could use some polish (it’s in beta, like any self respecting Web […]

Aug 24, 2006

FlexTime + Growl: A gentle way to end procrastination

Daniel Jalkut has just released the final version of FlexTime, a fantastic little Mac timer deftly suited for the (10+2)*5 procrastination hack. It still has no out-of-the-box support for Growl’s nifty notification system. Luckily, FlexTime now has robust support for AppleScript, allowing a backdoor into the Growl system. With a little tinkering, I’ve put together […]

Aug 23, 2006

I heart Flickr: my new source for joy and design inspiration

My friend Winston recently showed me a Flickr set of Spanish pharmaceutical posters from the 60s. The design work was just beautiful, putting the contemporary staid look of today’s pharmaceutical companies to shame. I never realized Flickr’s potential as a source for both joy and design inspiration until I saw this eye-pleasuring collection. In the […]

Aug 22, 2006

30 seconds to an empty email Inbox

We all want to control the barrage of emails hurling at us everyday, but often the task is just too daunting. Perhaps, you read Merlin Mann’s Inbox Makeover tutorial or Gina Trapani’s Trusted Trio system for managing email. You might have said, “Wow, this is great and makes a lot of sense. I’m gonna do […]

Aug 21, 2006

10 tips for keeping your desk clean and tidy

A messy desk is a sign of creativity and imagination. This is the excuse I gave myself for the mountain of papers, knickknacks, and San Pellegrino bottles normally piled on my desk at work. Truth is, I’m just lazy. When I started wasting more and more time looking for lost items instead of being a […]

Aug 17, 2006

Schmooze with joy and wonder at the DWR Eames Film Festival

The misnomered furniture store, Design Within Reach, is hosting the Eames Film Festival at various retail locations nationwide. If you haven’t seen any of the films by the legendary design couple, Charles and Ray Eames, you must attend. Their most famous film, Powers of Ten, truly induces eyegasms. We missed the San Francisco showing, but […]

Aug 16, 2006

Designster: social networking and portfolio hosting for designers

The design world is getter closer together with Designster, a social networking site for designers to network for jobs, show off work, or just make new friends. It was created by my former teacher, David Karam, and his San Francisco design studio, Post Tool. Although still in development, Designster looks quite promising. I like the […]

Aug 15, 2006

Data visualizations keep spreadsheets sexy

The Michelle Pfeiffer of software, Microsoft Excel manages to remain sexy despite its age. The blog at Juice Analytics is ripe with clever ways to keep those spreadsheets looking good. Several tips spread across three posts reveal clever ways to visualize data within spreadsheet cells. The first post covers showing bar graphs within cells. A […]

Aug 14, 2006

Keyboard shortcuts for your bookmarks in any browser

In Safari, you can press Command+1 through Command+9 to quickly open bookmarks in the Bookmarks Bar. Command+1 opens the first bookmark, Command+2 opens the second, and so on. Very cool, but what if you don’t use Safari? For months, I’ve been looking for a way to access bookmarks with keyboard shortcuts in Firefox. Finally, it […]

Aug 10, 2006

Fake the look of film grain on digital photos

Petteri Sulonen has a quick trick for faking the graininess of authentic high-speed film on sharp digital photos. Instead of Photoshop filters that look fake, Petteri uses a grain file he created by scanning a photo of a cloudless sky taken with a traditional camera and high-speed film. He then layers the grain file on […]

Aug 9, 2006

Create a photo montage poster using iPhoto

Mac community mini-celebrity, Mike Matas, shares an easy way to create a montage or “Life Poster” of your photos. You can order the poster through iPhoto. The 7-step process is simple enough for anyone comfortable using iPhoto. One quick step requires Photoshop. Find the Life Poster walkthrough on Mike’s blog. The 20″x30″ poster is composed […]

Aug 8, 2006

Don’t buy cosmetics without Paula Begoun, the Cosmetics Cop

Whether or not you’re a designer, we all want to look devastingly hot. Unfortunately, this often means having to choose from a dizzying array of grooming products. Paula Begoun, the Cosmetics Cop, is my hero for publishing Don’t Go to The Cosmetics Counter Without Me, a tome of product reviews for virtually every major skincare […]