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Dictionary Bookmarklet in iPhone

Here’s a little known secret: bookmarklets work on your iPhone.

But wait, what are bookmarklets?

Bookmarklets are little pieces of Javascript code that can be saved as ordinary bookmarks in your web browser. They enhance your browsing experience by giving you super-instant access to useful tools and special functionality.

There are billions of them, and below are my favorites. These work wonderfully on a computer, but they’ll add an extra boost of functionality to your iPhone.

To use, just drag the links into Safari’s Bookmarks Bar and synch them to your iPhone via iTunes. Next, bring up the Bookmarks Bar folder on your iPhone and simply tap the bookmarklet you want to use.


1. Find in this page
This really should be built-in to the iPhone: the ability to find a word or phrase on the current page. Results are in bold and highlighted in yellow directly on page. (Now works in both Safari 2 and 3)

Find a word in iPhone Safari

Find a word in iPhone Safari, results

2. Open links in new window
Makes links appear in new windows when you tap on them. Read more here

3. Find similar sites
Gets a list of similar sites via similicio.us

4. Display all images
View all images on the current page in a new window

5. List all links
Takes all links from the current page and lists them in a new window


6. Dictionary
Look up a word on Dictionary.com

7. Thesaurus
Find synonyms for a word on Thesaurus.com

8. Wikipedia
Find an article on Wikipedia

9. Translate to English
Translates the current page to English. (Google automagically detects the language)

Out & About

10. Movie times
Get movie listings and showtimes in your zip code

11. Rotten Tomatoes
No one wants to see a rotten movie. Check the reviews before you buy your tickets


12. YubNub
This is my personal favorite. It let’s you rapidly access over 10,500 search services and tools via shortcut commands. Read more here.

13. IMDB
Look up your favorite movie, celebrity, or tv show

14. AllMusic
Look up your favorite music artist or band

15. Amazon
The whole world is pretty much on sale here

16. eBay
For everythign else, there’s ebay

17. Google Images
Get pics of just about anything

Want more?

Check out these sites:

Thanks goes to Sean for pointing this feature out to me.

Update (July 18, 2007): Looks like a few folks are having problems with the Find in this page bookmarklet. I’ve now replaced it with an alternative version based on a bookmarklet by slayeroffice. This version will also tell you the number of results found. Please let me know how this works for you.

Update (July 19, 2007): The Find in this page bookmarklet now works in both Safari 2 and 3. It looks like it was an issue with URL encoding.

Do you have a favorite bookmarklet? Go ahead, plug it in the comments!

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  • Tex

    gravatarMar 18, 2010
    6:28 pm

    I’m into bookmarklets — these services have bookmarklets that do interesting things:

    ffffound – social image bookmarking dropular – social image bookmarking posterous – bookmarklet that creates a blog post instapaper – read an article later

  • Tex

    gravatarMar 18, 2010
    6:29 pm

    Sidewiki – let’s you see what people are saying about a webpage when there’s not a comment option.

  • Tex

    gravatarMar 18, 2010
    6:30 pm

    ffffound – social image bookmarking dropular – social image bookmarking posterous – creates a blog post instapaper – read an article later

  • Lili

    gravatarApr 1, 2010
    12:55 pm

    Is there any way I can just do the “Find this Page” straight from my iPhone without having to sync it?

  • Sohbet

    gravatarMay 1, 2010
    11:03 am

    The code block above got a bit mangled in the posting. The code below should work: :s

  • google

    gravatarMay 13, 2010
    8:44 am

    I’m also having no luck with the find text. The others are working, but not the find script. :( I tried resetting and even force quitting Safari. No luck

  • JP

    gravatarMay 27, 2010
    10:09 am

    Thanks! These will prove very useful. It would probably be quicker though if you just provided the java code, that way people can browse to this page on their iPhone and create the bookmarklet by copying and pasting the code into their Safari bookmarks, rather than messing around with syncing.

    Thanks again though – I don’t mean to sound unappreciative :O)

  • Alexandru Cezar Tau

    gravatarJun 8, 2010
    3:17 pm

    I have built an iPhone app which lets you tap on words in online articles to reveal their translation right there where you tapped. Then, these are memorized in lists which are available to consult later. Its name is iLearnWords.

  • Jordan Kicks

    gravatarJun 13, 2010
    11:14 pm

    I think that It was very very useful post.

    thanks for sharing with us.

  • Külföldi munka

    gravatarJun 18, 2010
    7:57 pm

    I just couldnt leave your website before saying that I really enjoyed the quality information you offer to your visitors. Thanks

  • peninggi badan

    gravatarJun 21, 2010
    11:21 pm

    Bookmarklets are little pieces of Javascript code that can be saved as ordinary bookmarks in your web browser. They enhance your browsing experience by giving you super-instant access to useful tools and special functionality.

  • Mark Field

    gravatarJun 22, 2010
    10:14 am

    For anyone with an iPhone having trouble with the Find bookmarklet, you can do it this way without having to sync with your computer. First, copy the JavaScript below. Then just go to any website and save it as a Bookmark. Then go to your Bookmarks and find the Bookmark that you just saved and change it’s name to Find. Then in the box below the name click the x to delete the web address. After you’ve deleted the address just paste in the javascript that you copied from below. Then save it. I moved my Find to the top of my Bookmarks for easy access. This should work for any JavaScript Bookmarklet that you should come across. Good luck!


  • Mark Field

    gravatarJun 22, 2010
    10:28 am

    I’m sorry but something is wrong with posting to this website. The JavaScript I just posted is not complete in my last post. I don’t know what this website’s problem is but it is not allowing the correct script to be posted. The JavaScript I tried to include in my last post had many lines of code that I copied from my own, working, ‘Find’ Bookmarklet. What ended up in my post is not a workable code. Very strange that this site is doing this.